Groom Collection Relaunched?

  1. Anyone know if the Groom line is being relaunched again by LV? i just stopped by their site and a few changes has been made, one of which is the Groom collection's animation.

    I just feel deceived about it considering that I called my local LV's main line and the SA told me that once the Groom is sold out it will NOT b returning to the local stores after I expressed my disappoint in her telling me that all local stores were sold out. Which also explains why a few days later, I saw the cles in the store and immediately pounced on it! :smile:

    On another note, is the zipped compact wallet (blue lining TDF!) and pochette wallet for guys too? These 2 were among the few items listed under the Groom's Men's range. Ladies, could u see ur SO carrying them? or the Round Coin purse?

    Thanks for hearing me out!
  2. my sa said the last ship was about christmas and after christmas, but that it was going to be huge! and that's all they wrote! so, supposedly, no more. it had a nice long run though!
  3. End of the line...I think the push is because they want it to sell out by March, and sales have really slowed down.
  4. really? I wanted the groom bandeau for awhile now...I guess I have to hurry and buy it then! yay! excuses for more LV :yahoo:
  5. Yeah I think they're also pushing it now..I wouldn't think they'd relaunch it again, they typically don't do that. Either way, the Groom has had a bit longer of a run than some of their other LR (limited run) Twinkle said, the goal was to be sold through by March but stores still have quite a few pieces.

    As for the wallets, I have both and I think if you want to carry them then that's your thing. I think the pochette wallet might be a bit too much though unless you're carrying it in a separate bag, due to the size. The PMR and the Cles are nice though.
  6. I think these items are okay for guys, just depends on what you like. My DH wouldn't use them though. The Groom designs are just too quirky/almost cartoonish for him.
  7. I want to get the red groom wallet from this line. I hope it stays for s few months so i can get it
  8. I have no idea but all I know Groom is not quite popular as Murakami Cheries and They are on display at every boutiques here in London.
  9. Your aviator photo is just like a girl on my Marc Jacobs bag. It's a Fun bag and I love it as a first glance.
  10. I like it, too, but I'm hoping to see it IRL first.
  11. i think they wanted to clear the stock before new lines come in
  12. No more Groom? Well then, I have another excuse to go to the boutique and pick up the bandeau :p