Groom Collection Question....Need Help!


Get the wallet and send back the agenda

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Okay, I have the red groom agenda and the yellow groom cles on order and due in probably on Monday. Well I just saw the red groom wallet on eluxury and thought it was beautiful. I'm thinking about sending back the groom agenda and getting the groom wallet. Funds are tight since I just bought a multipli-cite this month and I HAVE to keep the cles. What would you do? Thanks everyone!!!!
  2. I think it's completely up to you...the wallet is probably more functional...and you don't have to keep buying refills!
  3. I love the wallet and the was a tough choice for me as I couldn't get both! I got the Blue Agenda and I adore it.

    I suppose if I already had an agenda I wouldn't get it....

    I'm a voter of the Agenda!
  4. I love the Red Groom Agenda so i voted to keep the Agenda.:heart:
  5. Which one do you think you will get the most use out of?
  6. I vote for the wallet..mind you I am bias because I just ordered it...I feel in love with it instantly so, I new that I had to have it...good luck
  7. I'd go by which ever one you don't have...get the wallet if you don't already have a wallet you love. If you don't have an agenda you're using already, then get the agenda. Does that make sense? If you already have both an agenda and a wallet...then that's tough. I think I would vote for the wallet because you can always find another agenda you like. The wallet is so cute and the LE seems to mean more on a wallet than on an agenda?!
  8. hmm... if it were up to me, I would keep return the agenda and purchase the wallet, mainly because the wallet would be more functional.. I, myself, have no use for an agenda. However.. you can do what some other PFer's have been doing and use the agenda as a wallet!! Especially since the wallet AND the agenda are both red... :shame: