Groom collection confusion

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    I felt a little like an idiot being so knowledgeable in other areas of LV and having no clue precisley what the groom collection was for quite some time.:confused1: When the winter show '06 bags came out I thought OH thats the gromm collection.:yahoo: But NO! So is this the groom collection in its entirety of is there more.:shrugs: I hope I don't sound like a total moron.

    BTW, I think the ANTM shoot with LV was inspired by the groom collection. All the bell boys with the divas luggage.:idea:

    :heart: Louislovesfendi:heart:
  2. There is also a bandana and scarf coming out.
  3. Are you planning to get some items from this cute line??
    I adore the red stripe..
  4. Sweet, I've been wanting an LV Scarf:party:
  5. Fo' sho!:graucho:
  6. Also exist 2 small (square shape) keyholders in natural cowhide leather with a picture of the groom.In two colors:red or blue.
  7. please, i would like to see pictures of the bandana and the scarf
  8. Here you go..
  9. I want the scarf too
  10. I had no idea what this was either, though, there was a photo in edit section of 9/06 Vogue (US) discussing accessories for accessories.

    Also, what is a ANTM shoot ? I am new to this forum (and am lovin' it) I took my ManhattanGM handbag on "tour" for 30 days - even had people's heads in the bag smelling the new 'car' smell ! ! Purchased 8/2/06 NJ
  11. THANKS FOR THE QUICK PIC ! :yahoo:

    Luv the bandana, especially for the Fall. It kinda reminds me of a racer-type of scarf, very hot for autumn. :yes:
  12. America's Next Top Model photo shoot. There's a gorgeous ad with a beautiful model and some bell boys and LV pieces. There's an active thread regarding ANTP in the LV forum in case you're interested.:yes:
  13. ok dont kill me but i dont like the groom collection but i would love it if it was just the stripes
  14. ^That's a good idea!
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