Groom cles/ronde on ALL LV bags???

  1. WARNING: LONG!!:yes:

    Hey all...

    Since I've decided to keep my cles and ronde groom pieces....I was wondering what you all thought about what bags they can be hung on and still look good.

    Naturally on mono. Which is what I thought was all they could go on. But then pics on tPF of them on some mandarin pieces (the orange ronde) which looked very nice! I wasn't too sure about them on "for the heck of it" I tried them both,...and "hmm, the contrast looked rather well on my damier speedy..":yes: I was somewhat surprised. (I remember awhile back throwing my mono poch access inside my damier speedy and loving the contrast..but completely forgotton. LOL! Guess I just got reminded.:lol:

    Hmm...the other day I was at the bookstore and was flipping thru Vogue and saw that pic (that was also posted here on tPF) of the Wh. Squishy w/ the Ronde hanging from it. Hmm, looked pretty good! :yes: So even though it wasn't mono/damier it "worked"!!!

    I tried them both on my red epi speedy...I'm on the fence w/ that one. Not too sure about it...:confused1: Would you put them on your red bags?? What do you think?? Does color matter??!?!? Or does it all work..

    Also what about the size of your bags you hang them on?? To me the ronde seems to be a pretty good size....So, for me (IMO) I think it looks best on bigger bags...BH, my Speedy 30's............

    Hmm, am I being too "critical"??? Do you think they (ronde, cles) would be ok on say....pap 26, cite mm, vavin pm, ellipse....(heehee, all my smallish bags..). The cles I think would be ok on all of these. But the ronde...(??) The ronde on the ellipse...probably ok, but the rest?????

    Does it look funny when the "ronde" hangs too low on the small bags?? Kinda bugs me...hmm...:s Does it look weird/dumb??

    Thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  2. Uhh...someone...LOL!!:lol:
  3. I like bag charms to be in proportion to the size of the bag and I like it to match and not clash. I don't like it hanging too low, say below the bottom of the bag.
  4. I like it on most everything, I think the yellow looks best on the red Epi though. The orange looks great On Mono Damier mandarin & Canelle. I saw it on a Nomade Alma & it looked really good! I don't think Vernis, Mini Lin or MC would work out too well.
  5. I'd say It would look best on the epi madarin, and the large MONO pieces as well as MAYBE the damier (But it doesnt look toooo great in my mind) but definitely colour and size come into consideration!!!
  6. OMG ! That would be the hottest look ever ! :yes:

    Somehow, I don't see it really working on some bags, like vernis or perhaps mini monogram (it might look too busy), otherwise super cute on others !
  7. Hmm...

    Well, on my BH they both look really good!!:yes: Also on my speedy 30s (mono/damier). ;)

    Now my red epi speedy...hmmm...When I first got them I tried them "briefly" maybe I should try 1 more time...I don't know..

    Thx for your input all!:smile:
  8. I need a ronde...........I will use is on all my bags.
  9. I say you take pictures of each one on all your bags for us to see! Then I can decide! :yes:
  10. I must admit I am not a huge Mandarin fan, but think that the rond would look so good!
  11. Pics?? Ok...LOL, Here you go!!:graucho: What do u think???

  12. I didn't take pics on my red speedy...wasn't sure if it looked right..Hmm maybe another day. My camera's DEAD...:death: LOL!:upsidedown:
  13. I like it against the Damier better than on the Monogram. It looks sort of camouflaged on Monogram!
  14. Just seeing those pictures make me want one even more. Thanks for sharing.
  15. blends in w/ the mono. LOL, I wasn't sure how I felt about it on the Damier (at first)...but now I likey! I like both!!:love: