Groom Cles, Ronde....for looks?? Or use?

  1. I had bought these to "use" w/ my keychain. But Dh's like..."you're going to scratch the gold chain, etc....He says, "I should use them just for looks."

    Now that I've thought about it, being it's limited and a nice collectible to have He's right...(EWWWW, that leaves an awful taste in my mouth...:throwup: :roflmfao: ). I'm just going to use them to hang on my bags. I don't want to ruin them...I do like to keep my things as nice as possible.

    But then I'm like...What am I going to put inside them?!?! Or does this matter...(kinda bugs me...I want to utilize them at least, by putting something inside when they're hanging on my bags). I rarely carry coins...So that's out......Hmm, I guess lil papers: like notes, market list, etc. for easy access...OR like when dh hands me his lil best buy gift cards to hold for him I can throw that in there....Hmmm....What else??

    Is it being wasteful just to use them as a decoration on my bags??..(I know I'm being goofy..) but I mean, it isn't like they are a $20 item. I just would like to use them for something. Dh's like..."no, just hang them on your bags "for looks" they look really nice.." <sigh> I'm sure I'll find something to throw in there during those times when I'm out and need quick, easy access. I guess I am (technically) utilizing them when they're hanging on the outside of my bags...they are decorations. So they are dressing up my bags, giving them a different look...Hmm, ok...LOL!!:upsidedown:

    Your thoughts all...
    Thanks again! U guys are GRRRRRRRRRRRReat!! (in Tony the Tiger voice) :lol:
  2. As long as it is not sitting in a box, for display or for use is fine. Either way you get to enjoy it. I will use mine.
  3. So, if it's hanging on my bags...LOL it's getting used...:yes: Heehee!
  4. Exactly!! :yes:
  5. I was also wondering about this. I bought it because I needed a change purse, but now will buy another one for that purpose! I'll use it for display! Don't want to ruin it. :yes:
  6. A member posted that she/he [sorry I can't remember who it was] keeps a cleaning cloth for their sunglasses in the Rond. I keep a tissue or an individually wrapped handwipe in mine.
  7. hi!:smile:

    i personally like using my stuff. its weird, but i like my stuff to show that its been and being used. i don't like the new look. kinda like saying ' yeah i've had it for a while look' does that make sense?

    (all this imo.)
  8. Totally agree! I enjoy the "well-loved" look. One of my favorite photos is of Carolyn B. Kennedy sitting on the subway reading a paper with her Hermes Birkin on the floor.


  9. Where can I find that photo. I'm only 24 but people tell me I look like her ALL the time....I remember seeing a picture of her when I was 13 (she was 16 in the picture) and it was SO SCARY how we looked identical.

    Can you link me???
  10. is the groom round come only in orange?
  11. IMO, I'd to use it as bag's decoration. Yep, I dont wanna ruit it.
    You'd do everything with it just in order to make you feel happy!
  12. When I get a new piece of LV, I feel like keeping it in the box and never using it, but my fiancee goes crazy!! He says I shouldnt buy it if i'm never going to use it!

    He's got a point, so I have to use it because he buys it all!!

    Although I do take extremely good care of all my LV pieces, the only one that is well worn is my dog carrier!!
  13. Hey, That's a good idea...The cleaning cloth for glasses. I have one of those lil cloths, and that would be nice to have it accessible.

    YAY! I like this idea!!

    KEEP 'EM COMING!! :wlae:
  14. maybe a mint or two

  15. Technically it is used! They are beautiful pices show them off! I myself got the red agenda, cles, port monnaie ronder, compact zippe and the keychain, I am gonna use the wallet, cles and agenda and keep the other two as momento's/collectibles and never use them (But I will display them!)