Groom...cles or porte monnaie ronde???

  1. Anyone own both? If so which do you prefer or think is cuter? Or if you could only pick one which would you keep? I want another groom piece because I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: my pouchette wallet with the gorgeous red interior so I am tempted to get just one more piece from the collection. The funny thing is that I was iffy about the groom collection but, got the wallet because of the LE and red and now I totally adore the collection. Getting it in person hooked me. It is so interesting how you see a pic and think you will love something (like the PH) and then find out that you are more neutral about it. The opposite happen with the groom and I am so glad that I went for it. Sometimes you really need to see the piece and touch it etc. to see if it is for you. Thank goodness for this site because it gives you a lot of insight in to the products and functionality etc....thanks everyone...especially all the grooms really helped me go for the wallet:yahoo: !
  2. i think the round is nice if you're going to hang it off your bag.

    I think the cles is more usable since you're able to put cards in there along with your money.

    If i was going to get only one i'd get the cles if i wanted it for functionality.
  3. I looked at both and personally found the cles to be more pratical for me. I will use it mainly to put DL, CC's and keys when I don't want to carry my bag.
  4. I have both and prefer the ronde . Since I have the Cles in Mono- I would rather use that as a keychain and what-not then to damage the groom for everyday use. The ronde- is just being put away in my collection.
  5. I had been waiting in anticipation of the release of Groom so I could get the porte monnaie ronde - but once I went into the store and I took a look at it and then the cles, it was the cles hands down. It was just more functional to me plus surprisingly, I ended up liking the yellow more than the orange. I think if I had gotten the ronde - I wouldn't really use it other than use it like a charm hanging off a bag, and if that was the case, then I'd rather just get a Pastilles charm.

    I guess it depends on whether you want the piece as a collection item that you're never going to use - or whether you're like me and a user. I buy stuff so I can use them and I don't currently have any urges to buy this stuff to just have cuz that'd be way too expensive of a collecting habit for me to have!
  6. I too, wasn't too crazy about the Groom Line at first. I thought it was ok. Now that I just recieved my Poch. wallet. I'm in LOVE! I have both the ronde, and cles. Btw, my first functional cles (minus my panda).

    Neway...I like the ronde better...I like the shape and the orange! The cles is cute, but I think I like the ronde a bit more. I got both cuz I couldn't decide and had always wanted a "normal functional" cles....So now that it was available in the Groom line I got it. I currently have the cles on my BH to get used to it more. Who knows?? Maybe I'll grow to love it more as I use it more. Takes time for me. LOL! I also had to give the ronde time. So there u go! LOL!

    I'm using them to hang on my bags and put lil things in. Right now it has one of those cloths to clean your glasses inside. I don't want to use them for my keys cuz I don't want it to get ruined down the line being it's a limited piece.

    As for credit cards, etc. I have all that in my new Poch wallet. Sooo, perhaps I'll put lil notes, or gift cards or something in my lil ronde, cles.

    HTH!!;) Let us know what u decide to get.
  7. I looked at both but I chose the Cles. The Ronde is cute, but it was $45 more and not as functional for me. Plus I really like the yellow a bit more than the really pops with a nice touch of color to my BH!
  8. Okay so I bought both, now I JUST couldn't choose, the cles is definitely more functional BUT the ronde is SOOOOO much cuter imo, get the ronde also it won't get as "used" and the paint owon't chip off as fast as it would with something u use more than a charm or to put some coins in.
  9. I, too, bought both on ELux when they appeared. I fell in love with the ronde groom when I saw it in Elle magazine and wasn't intending to get both but the cles seemed like it would be more functional (and it is). My ronde is snuggled up in his duster in my closet right now while my cles is on duty in my silver :yes: Paddy.
  10. I prefere the shape of the ronde but the cles is more practical.
  11. I couldn't choose between the two either, but I went with the rond! I love it
  12. I have both and like them both...but the round is just soooo cute and I love the orange!
  13. If I were to get one, I'd get the cles because it's more functional and I like the yellow better.
  14. Cles.