Groom Cles and Mandarin Noe

  1. I'm actually thinking that the groom cles would look really good with the Mandarin Noe or Epi. I love a mono piece with print on it (like Panda) with a really big colorful bag. I think the groom would be awesome with Mandarin... ya think?:smile:
  2. wowee zoweee.. I hadn't see those... thanks... love the blue groom wallet with the mandarin epi... must go to clubhouse...
  3. Wait till you see it on whatzerfaces noe!!!
  4. I did and immediately ordered it... been dying for a Ronde and I didn't like the groom as much as the Murakami characters, but he's really grown on me, I love vintage things and he's really fro the 10's...after seeing everyone elses...I got very excited,,, Whatzerface and I have the same Noe, guess I'm a copycat....
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