Groom cle and damier bag?

  1. Do they look good together? Which one do you like better? Thanks :flowers:

  2. :nuts: The Rond looks better because of the shape contrast:yes: Niceeeee:love:
  3. Very cute :smile:
  4. i agree :yes:
  5. I agree with Lee69 and blackbutterfly-- the Rond's curved lines is a nice compliment to the Damier bag and pattern.
    CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: What a gorgeous bag and Rond and Cles!:drool:
  6. i like the first one better
  7. I love both...they both work well in my opinion.
  8. I like them both.
  9. I like the rond as a purse charm.
  10. I like the first combo!!!:love:
  11. i like both but with the rond it looks better :love: