Groom Bandeau

  1. I would really love to buy the groom bandeau in the yellow color.I have been checking elux constantly for it but it has not popped up yet so I am eagerly waiting for them to get them in stock. I was wondering if anyone knows the length. If someone has one would they please post a pic of it on their bag. Thanks so much!!
  2. me too! If anyone has photos I wouldl love to see it. Thanks
  3. I have a picture (thanks to Karen Kooper) of it on the new Canelle Epi Alma, and I actually do have the red one, pictured underneath it. The exact length is 46". Hope this helps!


  4. can I ask you about the length. Do you think it is too long to put on the bag? I was told the square one would look better. Any ideas
  5. THis is soo cute. I did not want anything from the groom line, but this might be the exception for me!!! VERY CUTE!
  6. IMO, the square one is cute but the design is lost once it's folded. The bandeau is perfect because you can still see the stripes and the groom at the end. I'd rather have the bandeau on my bag :yes:
  7. try calling 866-Vuitton, they'll help you locate one ;)
  8. Hey Rebecca! I just agreed with you on this in another thread! What a coincidence! Again, your reasons are totally valid and I agree with you wholeheartedly girl! :yes:
  9. It's sooo cute! I think if I were to get something from the groom line this would be it. I won't have to worry about chipping or anything.
  10. I :heart: both the scarf and the bandeau!!!! Tough decision!! And I'm on a purse ban and that includes all Groom items!!
  11. The bandeau is too adorable, I might not pass it up!
  12. Thanks for the pic Rebecca!! I def. need this to tie on my bag. I am after the yellow one. I may search elux for a few more days but if it does not pop up i will call 1866vuitton Thanks everyone for all of your help!
  13. Thanks for the photos, that is really cute! Did they make it in the blue or green?

    That Cannelle Alma looks like the hardwear is gold, I wonder if they made the prototypes that way? Looks good, but I actually think I might like the silver better.
  14. I really want one for my balenciaga rouge vif work, but im having a hard time deciding which color to get.. yellow or red????:shrugs:
  15. Ok~~got the red bandeau for my balenciaga bag today:P !! Super CUTE!!

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