groom bandeau/scarf - who got it? authenticate!

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  1. hey girls,

    i just saw a groom scarf on (which is like eBay but only in europe) ( - ORIGINAL LOUIS VUITTON Groom Bandeau Schal Halstuch limited)

    i post the pictures...can you authenticate, please?
    the seller seems to be nice...but i'm not sure if the scarf really got such an etiquette with "made in italy" ???

    does someone have a picture of the groom scarf?

    love the PF
    414465147_Big.jpg 414465147_2_Big.jpg 414465147_3_Big.jpg
  2. ^ friendly reminder, please post any authentication issue to Authenticate this thread.

    Looks good ..
    check out groom club so you can compare it..
  3. oh sorry about that, didn't know where to post...
  4. yeah look good
  5. Hi yes it's mine LOL and really authentic :roflmfao:. Fakes = :yucky:
  6. lol what are the odds!


    you're right, fakes suck
  7. Since authentication questions belong in another sub forum and thread, closing ! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.