Groom Bandeau or....

  1. Hi all..

    I am thinking of getting the Groom Bandeau in rouge..but then I saw pics of the bandana...

    No way I'm getting both the bandeau and bandana...Would rather get the agenda:graucho:

    So I need you ladies to help me to decide between....
    Groom rouge Bandeau OR...
    Groom rouge Bandana???:confused1:

    Thank you!!;)
  2. I love bandeau better because you can tie on the bag and still show the groom, wear it as head band, neck tie, belt..
  3. I love the bandana....i have them ordered, both red and yellow...its too cute
  4. I like the bandana... I would get it, but I have no use for it...
  5. bandana
  6. Thanks to all who have replied..:yes:

    Hmm..that's what I worried about..which of the 2 isn't much of use besides more for accessorising my bag..

    Nita: I don't have a sexy waist like yours to wear it as a belt..hehehe:lol:
  7. I would go Bandeau, more unique and I like the look better on bags.
  8. I love the bandeau...
  9. I found a new use of bandeau when I went to my LGBT party (where I knew I had to dress fabulously)...

    I used my bandeau as a bow tie.

    It was a HUGE hit. People were like, omg a Vuitton bow tie.

  10. :lol: You are too funny..I am sure anybody can pull it off..
  11. Bandeau!:heart: You can wear it in your hair like a headband, as a sash/belt, accessory on your bag in a lovely bow, or around your neck.
  12. Alrite..bandeau 5 votes, bandana 3 votes..
    So I'm getting the Bandeau tomorrow..!!:yahoo:

    Nita: :lol: Alrite..I'm gonna try it if I can "tie" it over my waist as a belt..hehehe..:P
  13. yeah get the bandeau - i got once just recently and its SUPER cute!!!
  14. Yay for bandeau!! Just got the red today:yahoo: !!! It looks super cute on my rouge balenciaga!!!


  15. :nuts: :nuts: :love: :love: Very nice!!!! love them both!!!
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