Groom Bandeau made in...

  1. Hi all..
    Finally got my Groom Bandeau in red 2 weeks ago!!:yahoo:
    Got it from LV store at DFS Singapore(along Scotts Rd), as I am currently visiting here.. - I don't want to wait till I got back to UK in like a month time(since it's limited edition)..

    I just noticed that my bandeau is "Made in Italy"....:Push:
    Can everyone tell me what's your Groom bandeau made in...??
  2. made in italy as well
  3. arg I want one of these badly!
  4. The red one is so hot!
  5. Italy for me too ;)
  6. Italy for me too! I love the red color best! I am thinking of getting the yello0w too! What are all you ladies using it for?
  7. Italy on mine, and on my white and black MC bandeaus. I've been wearing mine in my hair and have been waiting on the yellow one to come in also.
  8. I'm using it to accessorise my Lockit Horizontal bag at the moment.
    Been receiving lots of (positive) looks from people.. ;)
  9. Hi ibiza!

    Welcome to Singapore. Enjoy your stay!

    I'm dying to get one of those gorgeous Groom bandeaus too! The red one reminds me of our national colours. ;)
  10. i believe the textiles are made in italy. i had 2 bandanas (one white cerise and one aqua glitter) and both were made in italy. i would prefer all my textiles (LV or not.. this includes throws, sheets, bedding, etc) to be made in italy.. as they have the finest egyptian cotton and cotton mills and factories to make the textiles.
  11. I have the red Bandeau and it says made in Italy, I was surprised to see this actually.