Groom Bandeau for $100 BIN on Ebay

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. wow !
  2. is it authentic?
    I dun even know that groom came out with scraves:P
  3. Someone please tell me it's real! I really want to get it!!
  4. Ooooh! That is a good deal! Retail is $110, right? She seems like a reputable seller. She's MPRS and has 100% fb. I don't know if the scarf is authentic, though.
  5. ^ I am about to click on the BIN button! Can anyone verify authenticity?? *crossing fingers*
  6. If she is an MPRS, she is most likely (if not 100%) selling the real deal. She's sold many LV bags on eBay, from reading her feedback.

  7. Feedback, etc looks good to me :yes:

    I have the red bandeau and don't see any difference (except that mine came with a different box) :flowers:
  8. is this sold out in stores?
  9. It doesn't seem easy to come by. I've been on the waiting list for it since before it even came out and the store I shop at still hasn't gotten one in for me. :P
  10. still available just call 1866..
  11. SHOOT! I just read she doesn't ship to Canada. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  12. ^awwww!!!
  13. someone bought it! anyone from here?!
  14. ME! :yahoo:

    I had asked the seller a question earlier and was waiting for a reply... when I saw this thread, I figured I just better grab it before someone else does! :lol:
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