groom bags release

  1. Hi guys, since I´m in love with the cleses hehe I wanted to know when this accesoires will be out or if I can go to the store and write me in the waiting list...

    I also wanted to know your oppinion, I want my 3rd cles but I´m not sure which one, the perfo green or the damier... first I said the perfo bcz it is a ltd ed. but now I think I should get the damier because it is more... timeless and it fits with everything, and I think the perfo should be worn just with the bold it has, or what do you think? thanks!!
  2. I think the groom line should be out around Oct and yes I think you should put yourself in the waiting list.

    I am not familiar with perfo cles and what fits in it. I personally would get perfo one due to limited edition piece.You can always sell someday and still get your money back. You can always buy damier piece anytime.
  3. My SA had mentioned fall when I asked about the groom line.
  4. put yourself on the list now..that way you'll be ahead of most people, since there's a pretty good chance that not many people know about the line as of yet.
    But when they do, look out..

    And as for the other one, go for the Perfo now..the Damier will always be out, but the Perfo is limited.