Groom Agenda - Need your help

  1. Hello all ~ I'm new to the board and I've loved LV for a long time. You guys are fabulous!
    I purchased the groom agenda about a month ago but really haven't been able to use it since the insides are for 2007. Are there any other fillers, besides LV, that fit in this agenda size? Also, I'm looking for a narrow pen that will fit in LV. I'd rather not pay over $200 for just a pen. I'd rather save those $$ for a bag. ;) Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hi! Congrats on your new Agenda! Did you ask your LV counter about the 1006 refill? When I bought mine in late 2005, I bought 2006 and they just gave me 2005, and said they don't charge for them when it's so late in the year. Or try Filofax Official Website, Filo Fax, Filofax Online, Filofax Country Selector. For the pen, I have a Zebra brand pen- the only one small enough that the stationary store could find. For like 5$. Let me find you a link!
  3. Some stores are giving away the 06 inserts when you buy an agenda, try asking your store if they have any left. The filofax, & just about any small fillers at Office Depot, or Staples will fit too.
  4. Thank you both for your help! I'll call my SA and ask for the 06 filler and look at the Filofax site.