Groom Agenda Dilemma

  1. So here is my dilemma . . .

    I want to get an agenda and try and get my life in order. I really love the Groom line in blue. I'd been planning on getting one, but now I am having second thoughts. This thing is going to LIVE in my bag pretty much, and I fear that the screenprinting will wear off and in a matter of months or years I'll have an agenda that I don't want to carry anymore! Does the rubbing occur only with heavy abuse, or would this situation lead to a disappearing groom? Thanks!
  2. As long as you don't "throw" it around or have it scraping up against keys, it should be fine. I have several pieces with screenprinting and so far--no flaking at all! Especially a ceresis cles that I use everyday in my bag and it was older to begin with, it's perfect condition!

    Get it! I saw them yesterday and they are so cute. I didn't like them at first but they are growing on me.
  3. After time, it will eventually show wear. I bought the red groom agenda originally but I went for the monogram koala in black instead.
  4. Well they're meant to withstand some abuse but I don't know if you can batter it and still have the design be there. It does say something in the booklet along the lines of treating it with care, so if you're really worried about it, I'd just get something Damier or Mono that you know will hold up.
  5. I have a regular damier agenda and it takes so much abuse in my messenger. It still looks brand new, however!
  6. MY friend has the Panda pochette, and she keeps it in her Marc Jacobs Ursula tote bag, and HER bag has REALLY started to flake and peel. The panda is still on the bag and looks cute, but it isn't holding up as well as I thought it would...
    I was thinking about getting the Groom LV agenda is blue as well, but I eventually decided against it. I just didn't want to have to worry about trying to keep it from getting messed up. I would recommend buying another type of agenda...JMHO
  7. you could always keep it in the dustcover inside your bag
  8. Yup, ITA. I was just going to suggest this.
  9. Hmm.. that makes me wonder if I should keep my Groom Compact Wallet..:confused1:
  10. I just bought my Groom agenda in blue and I love it! I figure if I make sure it always stays somewhat protected, it will be okay. Life is too short not to use things you love!
  11. I bought my red groom agenda last Wednesday and have been using it since (but with much protection and caution). Although I love love love the design, it's becoming a pain to always have to watch it. Although the groom part of the screenprint will probably hold up well if you have some kind of protection (such as keeping it in a dustbag in your purse, putting the agenda in a separate pocket in the purse, etc), HOWEVER the top and bottom edge of the screenprint will be inevitably rubbed when you take the agenda out and put it back in. I think I love the agenda too much to see anything happens to it, but I hate to purchase and not use it. What a delimma!! I totally agree with you!!

    Since I like any accessories in red, so I'm thinking about exchanging this one to a red Epi or a rouge Vernis agenda (if I can find the latter???). I'm still hesitating though. Help me decide too!!
  12. If you're just going to stress over it then it's not worth the money or the time you're going to be worrying over it.

    I have the blue groom agenda and I really use it! It's kept in it's own soft compartment in my bag and I take caution but I refuse to let myself go batty over keeping it pristine. I don't plan on selling it so I don't mind if it gets a little beat up....hopefully the care i put into it will show and it will look nice for years to come.
  13. Sorry girls, I know this is off topic, but about LV agendas...I contemplating on purchasing one but when I look at the refills for sale on eluxury, none of them have like a calendar looking thing or dates. Im looking for a planner type fill. Does LV sell any? Or are they all blank pages or notes? TIA!
  14. LV does make calendar pages. eLuxury just doesn't have the 2007 refills in yet. When I bought my groom agenda back in September the LV store was giving away the 2006 refills when you bought an agenda and didn't have the '07 ones in yet.
  15. thank you pursesally :smile: