grommets on Kooba bags

  1. Do the grommets and the name plate/tag which says Kooba (not sure what they are called) on bags change color with time? I tried to search this forum but couldnt find any discussion on this. I bought a Kooba jessie on eBay, but there are blotches on the Kooba plate on the side of the bag. Is that normal? Or does that mean its an older bag? I've seen it on some pics of Kooba bags on eBay.
    Also how do you keep them looking like new?
    Any advice is appreciated!

    And btw, I am now upto 3 Koobas (Charlie, Jessie and a Frankie off of the kooba website which is yet to arrive!) from ZERO a month ago!!!
  2. Yes, some of my Kooba labels have blotched with time - others haven't. I don't know any way to remove it though. I don't know if I want to try for fear of ruining it. I just leave things be.
    Which grommets are you talking about? Like on the Lucy?
  3. I have a couple bags that are like that too. I think it's oxidation of the metal, Don't hold me to that though, it's just a theory! As well, I have not tried to do anything to clean it. You would have to be very careful if you did try something like 'never dull' or one of the liquids, that you didn't touch the leather, as I'm sure it would stain. Best left alone IMO!
  4. jchiara- i was talking about the grommets on the jillian. I have not seen the Lucy ( am still Kooba naive).

    thanks for the tips!
  5. Alot of my bags have that oxidation. It doesn't bother me and I leave it be. It looks kinda Vintage-y. I've heard you can clean it with brass cleaner but like husky lover said, I'd be ultra careful. Get it on the leather and who knows...
  6. Something kinda related - I hope. Opposite of the brass cleaners maybe affecting the leather, did any of you find that leather conditioners/lotions affect the grommets/brass plates, etc? I just treated my bags and now I'm wondering...

  7. After I spray my bags with Wilson's I always wipe off the hardware with a damp cloth. I don't know if it would hurt it but it does make it look spotchy.
  8. Thanks, Lexie. Yikes - I'd better go home and check. I forgot to wipe the grommets after applying conditioner.
  9. I don't have any koobas with grommets other than my Sienna and I think those grommets are a little more hidden as they have the gathered sides, KWIM?

    Anyway, grommets or Kooba nameplate aside, the weathering at least IMO is a part of the ageing process with these bags and I'd be afraid to do too much to tamper with it.
  10. Alot of my Koobas have that oxidation on the zipper pulls, especially my Jessies. For some reason they seem to get it the worst, I have seen it on many eBay auctions.
  11. go buy a product called Brasso, it will take off the tarnish. protect the leather around it....but, your metal will look beautiful again.
  12. Tarnish is exactly what it is. And, it does seem to be on Jessies more than other bags. I've always left it alone as it did have a vintage appearance that went along with the leather distressing. Brasso will remove it but you'll have to be real careful. Wouldn't want to get it on the leather.