Grommet Veneta on Ebay!

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  1. etsonis - thanks for posting.

    But, to be on the safe side -
    If anyone decides to bid on this, please get it authenticated first. You should also, ask for questions of the interior of the grommet bag. The BV tag in the nero veneta looks a little odd. I've never seen white stitching where the tag is sewn into the lining. :shrugs:
  2. they both look very worn
  3. i was thinking of bidding on these despite the wear :sad: Do you guys think they arent authentic?
  4. I don't know about it's authenticity or condition either, but I did notice a bright pink grommet Veneta appeared on eBay today - if anyone is interested and wants to check it out.
  5. ***** just thought i would let you all know i did email the seller and asked for a pic of the inside of the grommet BV and she said she is not selling it as a BV she is selling it as a bonus bag, she nowhere states its a BV because she isnt 100% on authenticity she said she is told by the provider it is, but without absolute certainty she cannot advertise it as one****

    now i guess this doesnt mean it isnt, but if she isnt sure and isnt selling it as a BV i am gonna pass, i just wanted to give the heads up
    i believe most of what this seller sells is totally authentic just used in one way or another, but she doesnt call the grommet bag a BV at all and i guess thats why,,,
    just a heads up
  6. where :smile: I cant find it :sad:
  7. ^ I'm on my BlackBerry so I can't send the link (or if it is possible I just don't know how to do it!) But I checked and it is still there - I just did a search (in eBay US) for "Bottega Veneta" in Clothing, Shoes and Accessories and it comes up as posted in the last few days - the picture just looks like a pink veneta and you can't really see the grommets (at least on my BlackBerry screen) and it is called "hot pink Bottega Veneta" or something like that.

    Having said all that, looking back at it today I'm not sure about whether it is legit, though. If you do find it and are interested, definitely post in Authenticate This here to be sure - also ask for a picture of the authenticity tag, for sure...

    Good luck - hope you find it (and, if so, that it checks out okay). When I get access to a computer I'll try to post the link too, just in case.
  8. the fonts look really odd..
  9. i still dont see it in my search weird
    I know nothing so i have no idea about fonts or anything, i guess ill post it in authenticate this?
    thanks guys
    i havent found anywhere in this forum that there are like WAYS TO IDENTIFY A FAKE or anything so i feel really confused
    i dont know what to look for what not to look for :sad:
  10. I agree about the font - I also don't know about the red lining... And when I went back to look at it I also thought it had way less grommets than Syma's green one, but then I looked back at the pictures of that one and the grommets do look similar in number and placement - so I just don't know. I would definitely ask to see the authenticity tag from the inside pocket before making any call either way.
  11. The fabric inside and the colour have me wondering....
  12. ^The pink veneta is definately a fake, My grommet veneta came with a zippered pouch and suede lining, there is no inside zippered section. Also the grommet came in light blue, olive green, black and red, I don't think it was made in the hot pink colourway.
  13. Syma, and others, I too believe the pink grommet bag is fake--font, stitching, color, etc. all are off.

    Seller of the bag in the 1st post of this thread is known for her authentic bags but I don't think she handles BV often.