Grommet Selma satchel

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  1. Whats your thoughts on grommet medium Selma satchel? I just want to get some opinions before I make decision between the solid color one or the grommet. Will the grommet ones less popular or not classy? Many thanks!
  2. I read that it's heavy and I have a bad shoulder so that's why I didn't get one
  3. I have the medium grommet in optic white and I love her !!! I have two large with grommets and the medium is a lot lighter. It is perfect weight !
  4. so other than weight wise, does grommet looks tacky or it will get fade out soon as it may not popular as the solid one? any comments?
  5. I'm sure it is trendy where the solid will be a long lasting one
  6. My friend just bought me a groomet clutch in black/silver and I love it!

    I'm actually thinking about getting a white groomet crossbody. Where are u finding the medium w/the groomets? I've only seen the medium plain white selma (which I LOVE) too.
  7. I agree. The grommets one is trendier, whereas the solid color one is more of a classic. But if you love it and don't think you'll get bored of it, then I say go for it! That's really all that matters. :smile:
  8. I saw the medium grommet ones at ebay, it seems hard to find the medium in retail store. Yes my eyes are on the black with silver grommet but just afraid it wont last long as classic ones. It seems to me not too many people talk about the grommet ones vs the solid color ones, am I right?
  9. i just got mine in blossom medium and i looove it! i'd say it's not tacky at all. i am even planning to get another one in black/gold hardware. 😊
  10. I think the grommets make the selma look special. I'm getting one for summer.
  11. i love the grommets ! I now own four bags with grommets ! I hope they come out with some new colors !
  12. I have the navy and gold. I love it and don't find it heavy.
  13. I will be the odd woman out and say I like the all leather version better, regardless though, the Selma is a beautiful bag, if you love the grommets then that is all that matters!
  14. +1
  15. I would go with a solid Solid Selma if it's a bag you intend to have for a while. As others have said, I think the grommets give the bag a trendy look and I prefer a bag with a more classic style.