Grommet Selma - Keep or Return?

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  1. Good morning ladies!

    Last night, I bought a medium grommet Selma in Optic White. She's a lovely bag that comes with amazing price as well (with the extra 25% off). However, I woke up this morning with second thoughts about the bag.

    Would the color white be too high maintenance?
    I love light colored bags, but other light colors might be a better option other than Optic White.

    Would I eventually got bored of the grommet?
    I also bought a messenger grommet Selma in Black last night and I love the contrast of the hardware and the color black. With the White on the other hand, I have a feeling that I could eventually get bored of it because it doesn't stands out enough.

    Should I keep or return the bag?
    I'm thinking of exchanging it for a Pearl Gray Selma. I am in need of a bag for silver hardware, and I think that Gray is a great neutral as well. However, the thoughts of paying full price with the possibilities that Gray could go on sale is stopping me from it.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you ladies!

  2. U can get the grommet selma at Macy's . It's on sale and if u have a Macy's
    Card often you get 20%
  3. Thank you for your response! I actually bought the bag already last night at the MK store since they were having a promotion for all the sale items. I'm having second thoughts about the bag and wondering if I should exchange it or not.

  4. Oh I see. The white is a beauty too but I'm afraid of white
  5. I actually bought the same bag and was having second thoughts as well. I haven't used her yet, but I do love her and will most likely only use her occasionally. As for color transfer, I baby all my bags and even with my Pearl Grey Selma I make sure it doesn't rub up against anything. I think as long as your not planning to use her as an everyday bag you should be fine. If not, get something darker.
  6. Personally, i wouldnt buy a grommet for myself. Im not the kind of person who would wear a bag for a year or two n sell them away. I love classic pieces which i can maintain well n still wear for another 10 yrs. Grommet would definitely be a hassle for me due to e metal parts. Although it's pretty, Im just worried that it might rust over time. And cleaning would need more extra time too, as u cant let e leather cleaner or conditioner touch them.

  7. I never thought about that
  8. Thank you for your response! I indeed plan to use her as an everyday bag since I wear a lot of dark colors and a pop of white would look great with my outfits. I'm also not the best when it comes to babying my bags as well.. hmm decisions decisions

    Thank you for your responses! I personally am a work in progress to become more like you. In the past, I would be buying and selling constantly and would end up stressing my out and lost so much money from it. Now I am trying to be more careful with my purchases - trying to only buy classic pieces that would last me for a while. Maybe the grommet might not be the best bag for me..
  9. Well, follow ur heart, darl. That was just my honest opinion :smile: a girl cn never hv too mny bags.
  10. I happen to love the look of the Grommet Selma. However I am afraid of the white so I passed on the white and got a black one and the dark khaki.

    If you are having doubts then you probably won't carry it and that would be a waste. So if you don't love it return it for something you love.
  11. I had doubts about gold hardware and the palm green I love them and I want it! Lol

    I was iffy on the grommets too since my first impression of a grommet is what we install on our power distribution units..then I saw them in gold on the coffee Selma and I loved them!
  12. I would return it because you already have a messenger grommet in black. From my experience, white is just too much maintenance. Most of my white purses stay in my closet and I regret purchasing them. :shucks:
  13. Thank you for all your responses ladies! I ended up exchanging both of the grommet bags for a pearl gray Selma instead. Let's just say that it's love! I'm already carrying to school with me today and it keeps me smiling in all these boring classes! (:
  14. Good choice the pearl grey is on my wishlist but our MK store ran outta them. :sad:
  15. They have it online for 25% right now- use the code "work it" and get an additional 25% off! :smile: