Grommet Hobo

  1. Are these bags available at all for purchase or is it a style long gone?

    Marly are you out there??? Is that a grommet hobo in your avatar? Any info you can share would be appreciated.

  2. Kellybag, Yes, that's it, and this style was called the Rivet Veneta. It's from the spring/summer 2004 collection. Every season Bottega modifies the classic Veneta hobo and presents a "fashion bag" that only comes in certain colors. This Veneta was made from deerskin, where the classic Veneta is made from lambskin. It's not in the stores anymore, but I think it might be possible to be made again as a special order at a 30% (+) upcharge. I've heard conflicting advice about the special order thing. For instance, I love the black bag that Jennifer Aniston was carrying around a few seasons ago and was told that it wasn't being made anymore. I then was told in one of the BV stores that it can be made but at a special 30% increased price.:shrugs: So, never say never, I guess!
  3. So would be green bag in the photo be the exact same as a classic large Veneta (minus the grommets)? It look skinnier on the top and fuller on the bottom than other Venetas. Then again Olson isn't the largest girl around - so that could be throwing it off??
  4. Thank you all for the info!

    I am not really wanting to make a special order, but I love the info. I would like to find a bag on the shelf that just moves me. I am on the hunt and that one caught my eye. There will be another.
  5. I think I heard that one of the BV outlets had a grommet hobo for sale??
  6. That bag is really gorgeous - I can see why it caught your eye!!
  7. ^^^And every time Marly posts, we get to admire how good she looks with her grommet Veneta!
  8. It is really cute.
  9. What did this bag sell for at the time anyway?
  10. Hi, Is this rivet veneta as big as the large veneta?

    I wish they would revive the rivet veneta, would buy one for sure. Such a beauty!!

    thanks in advance.
  11. So I am told not to be brought back! Sure was a pretty bag.
  12. I saw one at the my local consignment store, they had one in offwhite, the large one. The lady said it was brand new, and it looks in mint condition to me. It even has a suede pouch that went inside it. If you are interested, PM me!
  13. OMG!! That is beautiful! Too bad it only ships to the US.