Grocery store sushi nutrition info?

  1. I just downed a package of sushi from Whole foods as a pre-workout snack. How many calories do you think are in one pack? I usually get Salmon and Avocado or Spicy Salmon Avocado, both with white rice. I think that each package has around 8 pieces of sushi.
  2. Don't forget to take into consideration the amount of soy sauce used, the amount of sodium can be quite shocking. One time at the supermarket I saw some gals trying to have a light lunch by ordering sushi, well they literally had 15 packets of soy sauce for about 12 pieces of sushi.:wtf:

  3. wow, and I thought I used a lot of soy sauch! I love my soy sauce but I use maybe 3 - 5 packets.

    Oh, and I love Whole Foods sushi. I wish it wasn't so expensive, but I figure it's healthier than a lot of other options. And usually I'll eat a roll and some sashimi.
  4. i read once that depending on wat is in each piece, you can estimate between 25-50cals/piece. i would say light "snaking" rolls of just cucumber or carrots would be 25 and something heftier like alaska roll or eel would be closer to 50