Groan what I had to endure today!!!

  1. My DH's family came to our house to celebrate Christmas. Lots of SIL's, one of which is a direct sister to DH. She's not into fashion and squishes her nose in reference to anything I have, especially purses. She was around when photog SIL took virgin pictures/avatar for this site. I remember her rolling her eyes at us (really me).

    So today she shoves this purse into everyones face (not mine, she know better) bragging that it's the best purse she's ever owned. Get this it's made out of a hide from an Argentine rat? Actually it looked like pig skin to me. Anyway the leather didn't bother me but I swear the shape was butt boring? A real Macy's standard fare kind of purse, KWIM? Run of the mill hobo...very simple. Everyone did the perfunctory oooh and aaaaah. I didn't say a peep!! (BTW I never parade my bags around these people; they only know about them because I was desperate for pictures that one time)..

    Oh another SIL was sporting the Organizer, surely you've seen the commercials. A bag for $$19.99 to organize all your daily essentials...get rid of that big purse and buy the organizer? ARRRRRRGH. See what I must endure, LOLOLOL

    Boy do I sound like a BAG BXXX or what:p
  2. Quel horreur. Some of my co-workers are like that. It's not about money either. Why is it some women who aren't into fashion have to act all superior about it?
  3. Wow, rat fur.... she sure showed you. You must have felt PRETTY silly with your Chloe after seeing that awesome bag.


    I'm sorry you had to deal with that!
  4. Then we had to google the stupid critter so everyone in the room could look at the world's biggest rat? Somehow this was suppose to endear us towards her purse?:shocked:

  5. Do people eat these rats?

    If not, she's cruel as well as snooty. :sad:

  6. I think they think it's, somehow, virtuous not to be into frivolous things, like fashion; I think it's a throw-back to the Puritanical way of thinking. :yes:

    That's why it's particularly common in the UK and the US and far less common in places like France and Italy.

    Strangely enough, though, these same people will often spend a small fortune on other non essential things, like interior decor, furniture, home appliances, electrical equipment and/or new cars and holidays/vacations etc., without batting an eyelid. :shrugs:
  7. Sounds like you had a fun day.....googling rats and all. At least you have your Chloe's and a sense of humor.:smile:
  8. Was it a nutria? Because I have those in my backyard. Seriously, shame on her for wearing a wild & possibly endagered animal!
  9. HA! Well said!

    To me, this wasn't so much about her fabulous purse as it was about showing you up or making a personal and nasty dig at something you love. Why is fashion like politics and religion? No one can agree to disagree without getting hurtful or evil!

    Don't worry susie - leave the oervsized rats to the "experts."
  10. I did see that "organizer" commercial! I thought that was the most hilarious bag ever.
  11. Susie, so sorry to hear about what you have to suffer through.

    Is that organizer the same one that color bleeds? Read about one in the LV forum. LOL, the Chloe "Python" silverado will swallow the "rat" bag whole, dead or alive, anytime!
  12. ^LOL acshih! Gosh Suze - I can picture the whole scenario now - especially since I know the participants personally. Maybe the rat purse SIL is jealous because her daughter idolizes you i/o her own mother? And you DH loves the way you are and I'm sure prefers your glamor to the homespun dowdiness of his sister. I also say - "You are your bag". Take that Ms. Organizer.
  13. Divnanata...
    I am laughing so hard about your comment regarding the homespun dowdiness of his sis...tooo funny!!! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season :smile:
  14. Oh Susie, your post did make me laugh (although I bet it was no laughing matter at the time) - especially the fact that you had to Google a picture of the rat so you could all 'admire' the creature that gave up its life for the pleasure of becoming your SIL's revolting accessory - the whole thing sounds like a 'Seinfeld' plot to me ( actually more like 'Absolutely Fabulous' perhaps):lol: !

    I don't think 'The Organiser' has reached the shores of the UK yet - would love to see a picture though .Although I'm on a complete bag ban now, that one does sound VERY tempting ( after I've bagged an Argentinian Rat Skin number of you think they do one in patent:lol: ?)
  15. susieserb - sounds like you handled the situation very well. She sounds like one of my sisters that once gave my teenage neice a fake-fur scarf. I proceeded to throw the scarf at my neice while yelling "Eww, a rat" and making my poor neice jump in horror! Needless to say, my neice never used the "rat" scarf.

    I have some relatives that eat muskrat aka "swamp rabbit". I must tell them that they need to make a bag from the skin!!