gris-vert front pocket paddy

  1. Does any one know where I can find a gris-vert front pocket paddy? I had one and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it was destroyed and I am heartbroken. It has since been replaced by an black Elvire (new style for A/W 07) but I really loved the grey color and style of the paddy. I'm new to tpf and currently am on business in NJ but will try to post pics when I get back to CA next week.
  2. sorry to hear about your paddy. I can totally understand how you love that bag, I have it as well and its one of my favorites. There's one in mousse, which I hear is the same color as gris-vert, on eBay right now. It looks authentic to me but you could always have it authenticated in the authentication thread. Goodluck!!!!!
  3. ali w

    thanks for the links. I saw both of these but they are both the larger size (I should have specified). I considered this size when I bought mine but it is really too big for me. I am only 5'5 and really only carry wallet, sunglasses, keys, and lipgloss so even the smaller one was kind of big but I loved the style. I miss her dearly. I am also kind of paranoid about e-bay and bluefly...