Gris Vert Edith?

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  1. I have been eyeing this color for a while, but I am not sure what the colors looks like in real life. Has anyone seen this? Does it have a green cast to it? Or is it more dark grey? My thinking, I suppose, is that it is a dark version of mousse...sort of. I love the shoulder version, but I think I would sometimes go sans strap. I wish the price on the shoulder was not so outrageous! :shrugs:
    EdithGrisVert.jpg EdithGrisVertheld.jpg Edithshoulderside.jpg Edithsizecomparison.jpg
  2. Hi ETenebris! I've seen the dark grey edith. Its kinda greyish green, it somehow reminds me of a wet cement color. The shoulder version is really nice.
  3. It looks like a green/grey, no?
  4. It is definitely a grey/green. It is beautiful IRL too- I saw it at NM (not the classic Edith but antoher variation) and it was truly beautiful!!! It is a deeper green than mousse as well.
  5. I saw it at Nordstrom SCP in the shoulder version - really beautiful color! Yes, grey/green combo.
  6. Oooh, I saw this at HN yesterday - its definitely a darker version of the mousse. Its very pretty - I was posing with it for a while. :shame:
  7. I would also say light grey/green (if I am thinking of the right color). It does not have the slight blue undertone that I recall the mousse having. Is there a darker green as well? I would describe the color I saw as light olive or slight sage. I was not fond of it. But the chocolate was nice... (What can I say, I like the deep, rich colors...)
  8. There is a chocolate, and also an olive...but those are different from the gris-vert. I think the olive has a pretty strong yellow undertone, at least from the pics I have seen.
  9. I have a gris vert, and I can't say that it has a green undertone although many TPFers said so. To me, it's just grey, like concrete...or off-black. On pictures, they looked a bit different because of the flash and lighting.
  10. That's not the bag in your avatar, is it? Can you post some pics please? I am dying to see what the gris vert REALLY looks like! Thanks!
  11. Those of you who have actually SEEN the gris-vert...would you say that the old LVR pic of "mousse" is what the gris-vert actually looks like in person?
  12. ET, I love that grey color shown in the paddington photo! What a versatile and beautiful color! I can only see it working for the fall/winter months though? Maybe I'm wrong. If I lived up north I would definitely get this color. Alas, I am in Florida and don't think it would work down here.
  13. ET, I looked at Edith colors today for you in NM. The olive, chocolate, and gris-vert (I think!) bags were side by side. I can now see the similarity between gris-vert and mousse. Gris-vert is a bit darker and does not have the slight blue (?) tinge of the mousse.
  14. In the pics it looks like a pretty and versatile color. It would be great for fall & winter.
  15. Thanks SoCal! You are awesome! :yes:
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