gris tourterelle vs parchemin

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  1. Hi all! I'm contemplating my next Birkin 35 purchase and I'm looking at either Gris t or Parchemin. I want a light colored neutral. Which color do you prefer and with which hardware and why?
  2. I think this one for me depends on what you currently own...can you tell us?
  3. I see your siggy and I do agree parchemin with gold is spot on and gris T is perfection with palladium.
  4. ^^ ITA. i wanted to add that a friend of mine owns a parchemin togo birkin with GHW and it is stunning! parchemin tends more towards a warmer cream/ivory color, so the GHW complements it SO beautifully. i'm not an ivory/light-colored bag kinda person, but her bag made me want one!!
  5. I am so glad you said that BHmommy as I have had this combo on the brain for quite a while. It is so pretty!
  6. I only own 1 Birkin, a black chevre 35 cm... i like neutrals, not really into fun colors.
  7. ^^ then i would say go with the parchemin GHW. since you already have a black birkin to go with the cool-tone items in your wardrobe, i think a birkin to go with warmer-tone outfits would be perfect! :tup:
  8. I would have to agree here^^
  9. I love neutrals too, and the way you described parchemin with GHW sounds beautiful! Anyone have a picture?
  10. vote for gris tourterele..... but i'm biased.. hehe
  11. I would like to throw in the colour Craie, it's in between Parchemin and GT (not as warm as the former and warmer than the latter). IMO, it's a truly neutral neutral and less common than Parchemin/GT. Since you already have a GHW Birkin, a Craie with PHW would be a great addition, covering the light neutral with a different hw. The potential issue is, Craie is only available in Swift.

    ETA : I had/have both Parchemin and Gris T, I find Craie to be the most neutral of all three colours and could take both phw/ghw. It is an off-white that is not as stark as Blanc and less yellowy/grey than Parchemin and Gris T.
  12. Of the two colors you mentioned I think that Gris T is more versatile as I think it can go year round, it mixes well with a slightly darker color palette than parchemein in my opinion. These are both lovely paler neutrals, but I think you would get more mileage from the Gris T.
  13. i love gris T, great neutral
    with browns or grey or navy
    I use mine gris T a lot:biggrin:
  14. thanks for your input everyone! i'm still torn...

  15. you are so right about Craie! its beautiful and both HWs looks great with it... my only problem is that i want a more structured leather. :shame: