Gris Tourterelle? Any opinions?

  1. Hi, by pure luck I've stumbled on a great bag in what I think is Gris Tourterelle (sp?) clemence.

    Does anyone own anything in that color? It's beautiful, but pretty light, so I worry that I'll really muck the poor thing up badly.

    I have to make a quick decision, so I'd love some opinions.

    Thanks all!:flowers:
  2. I'd have thought Clemence was pretty easy to maintain. Gris Tourterelle is probably a very forgiving colour.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong about the color? It is darker than an ivory. If it were croc, I'd have sworn it was poudre. There's almost a pink or peach undertone to it at some angles?

    Aack? Help? :confused1:
  4. I was offered GT in Clemence before but passed on because of the size. If it was a 30cm, I would have gotta it! They call it dove grey if I am not wrong. It's beautiful IMO. Much more forgiving than white or beige.

    Picture taken from eBay: Luxwear


  5. Gosh Queenie, that's gorgeous.

    The bag I'm looking at is lots lighter than this, although certainly in the same family. I guess it could also be a dye-lot variant sort of thing, or maybe a different color entirely.

    BTW, this isn't a new bag, so it may be a color not listed on the color chart in the reference section. I'm no expert. I picked the color in the reference chart that was closest to the bag I saw.
  6. thats a gorgeous color bag
  7. Gga, what's your honest gut feeling about this?
  8. living on the east coast - i avoid light bags both for the muck factor and the year-round wearability. that said, i would trust hermes to be able to revive most colors, even, gulp, white. so it's not the riskiest thing, to try light.
  9. My honest, gut feeling is that it's gorgeous, the color is a perfect, but not boring neutral, and I'd adore it. Being clemence, it might be easier to clean up when I get it dirty, because I WILL get it dirty.

    My other gut feeling is that I may not be able to live up to this color. I frequently get lost in thought and walk into dusty parked cars or walls handbag first. I drop things, usually in the muddiest possible place.

    My DH, who loves me madly, sighs and says that he can dress me up, but he really can't take me out. He's pretty much right.
  10. LOL, oy, forget the light colors. :p
    but on the other hand, dusty cars - that would almost show up more on black than a light color, if you think about it. my clemence shoulder bag really wipes clean beautifully - but then again, it's RAISIN!!!:yahoo:
  11. ^LOL! 2nd vote to that! Forget the light colors then.
  12. Ugh.

    35 cm Trim II, PERFECT condition (I'm not sure it's ever been carried,) love the leather, a style I want at some point, less than 2K...

    and I can't get it because I'd never manage to keep it pretty.

  13. well now, wait a second, if it's a shoulder bag, it's less likely to make contact with concrete walls and door cars than your hip or shoulder is. it's protected under your arm.
  14. Not MY shoulder bags.

    I've realized that in a purely Darwinian maneuver, I've taken to carrying my shoulder bags wrapped in front of me rather than to the back or to the side. I don't remember starting that, but I'm sure some part of my brain decided that if I carried my bag in front it would cushion some of the blows I've dealt myself.

    You'd think I'd just learn to pay attention to where I'm going, but you'd be wrong.

    I try, I really, really try. And I fail.
  15. i think it's a LOVELY color! but if you are going to be self conscious about carrying it out, it's probably best to avoid it. i suppose if you get it dirty enough it could always be sent to the "spa" a la Hermes style :smile:

    don't beat yourself up about being clumsy, i'm totally clumsy! i bang my bag up on stuff all the time :p and it holds up well!