Gris Pyrite as a first neutral Bal?

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  1. I've decided my next bag purchase is gonna be a Velo but I'm a little torn over which colour to get. This will also be my first ever Bal bag :smile: I haven't seen the colours IRL but am kinda leaning towards Gris Pyrite. Is the tone of Gris Pyrite a good neutral? Also, how is the leather for SS14 as I had read there were some issues last year over the leather quality.

    I also like the black Velo and ultraviolet Velo. But I already have both a black bag and purple bag by other designers so am wondering if I should go with a grey this time. That said, I don't use my black much as it's quite small and the purple I use a bit but not as much as I used to, so I wouldn't call either as my current wardrobe staples.

    So ... Gris pyrite, black or ultraviolet??

    All help much appreciated! Thanks :flowers:
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    Go for gris pyrite! I just bought the gris pyrite velo in gold a couple days ago- it's a beautiful medium grey that is the perfect neutral that can be worn all seasons!! Especially If you've already got something purple and black! The leather on mine is really nice but I was able to pick it out- the other gris pyrite velo was really dry and one was very stiff. They range from bag to bag. However if you don't have a black balenciaga as you mentioned your black was from Another designer, you may want to go in the direction of a black
    Velo with gold or regular hardware :smile:

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  3. Gris Pyrite!!!! I love mine. I also don't use my black much at all. Grays are so much better at accenting an outfit. I actually just bought my first Chanel in Gray too. Gris Pyrite is perfect too. I got it in a Work with Silver Hardware. Love it. :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9::cloud9: I searched until I found it and had to get it from Spain. 100% worth it. Great neutral and it's not too light or dark. Perfect color. Go for it. It's my most favorite new season color I've bought in the past three years. Nothing I liked as much since My Cyclamen Work with GSH. Good Luck with your decision.
  4. I purchased a gris pyrite Boston and the color is lovely. My bag has a sheen to it and the leather is excellent. My bag has the gold G12 and it is a wonderful combination which surprised me. I assumed they would use silver but the gold gives the grey an unusual look. You will love the color!
  5. I just got my first Balenciaga this weekend at the boutique in NY! It was an amazing day :smile:
    I got gris pyrite Velo with regular hardware. I'll do a reveal later... I got to choose from three she had in stock and mine is gorgeous thick soft leather, and I walked all around the city with it loaded with books, my wallet, water bottle, cosmetic bag, etc, and it was light and comfortable--I love the cross body style of the Velo.
    The color will definitely go with anything, even if I'm wearing brown shoes I could make it work. Its very neutral, and I was afraid it was a very light gray, but its a beautiful medium gray color. :smile:
  6. ahhh! i'm waiting on a gris pyrite giant hip with gold hardware :smile: so bloomin' excited and these pics are just teasing me!
  7. Mod shots please :smile:
  8. Well I finally got to see a Gris pyrite in real life in my local Bal store this week :smile: The grey was fab. They only had a classic city in that colour so I tried it. The colour really changes according to the light - have those of you with that colour noticed it? When I first picked it up from the shelf it looked light-medium grey but then when I tried it on and looked in the mirror, it looked much darker. They had no Velo though whatsoever so I might pop back in again and try it on again before I order direct from Bal as they don't do orders in my local store :sad:
  9. Okay I am looking to purchase my first bal and I know it is going to be a classic velo but torn between black or Gris pyrite. Reading this thread I am going w the Gris pyrite. Thanks ladies.

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you could let me know if what you think about Gris pyrite in silver vs. gold hardware. I have been struggling for a while on this....:wacko::wacko:

    Thank you!
  11. Grey is a lovely option that's not as "heavy" as black can be sometimes (like in summer for instance with pastel colors) so I think a GP Velo is a lovely first neutral, and I personally prefer silver hardware over gold on a grey bag.
  12. So happy to finally see so much Gris Pyrite love! I have a City and went with silver hardware and I think it is my nicest looking Bal by far.

    Mine was dry (ordered it from Vegas store), but Lovin My Bags really helped.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion! It helps a lot!:smile:

    Yes, I was looking for a summer bag for work. I found a Gris Pyrite giant silver work, it looks pretty. But I was a little hesitating to buy it because silver hardware sometimes does not look as good as classic and gold. But now I almost make up my mind of getting it! Second bal bag in 2015;)
  14. Just my opinion, I love grays with silver hardware. They just go together. I've never thought grays look good with gold hardware. My Gris Pyrite is beautiful with the silver.

    Good luck.

  15. Could you share with us some photo of your silver Gris pyrite bag? under natural light if possible:balloon::

    Thank you so much!