Gris etain vs etain and Gris asphalt

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  1. would love to hear what you think of the new 2018 color "Gris etain" and how it compares to etain and Gris asphalte
  2. Is it not just the same as etain? “Gris” is “grey” in French.
  3. Gris Etain and Etain are the same color, as the color code is 8F. That's been discussed here.
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  4. IMG_6307.jpg

    this was reposted from an IG pic...both beautiful colors.. Gris etain on the left and etain on the right. Would love to hear more opinions and experiences with the three neutrals including Gris asphalte :smile:

  5. Oh! It doesn't have its own color code? That's interesting that etain would have such a big color difference especially on the same Togo leather
  6. Maybe this is Etain and Gris Asphalte?
  7. In January, my SA surprised me with a kelly 28 PHW in Gris Asphalte. It's beautiful and a lovely neutral. IMO it's definitely a warmer gray, hinting towards a tiny bit taupe. Just a beautiful color for me as I wear mostly black, navy, gray and blush colors.
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  8. Etain vs Gris asphalte (both togo)

  9. Hi ladies! Need some advice. I’ve been debating between etain and gris Asphalt for a kelly sellier in Epsom. I like the lighter Gris Asphalt shade but worried it may be too light, as a kelly constantly brushes against our clothes when carried on a sling.. Etain is more edgy and a less worrisome color but can appear quite dark.

    I found a ‘kept unused’ A stamp (figured it’s from 2017) gris Asphalt kelly on the resale market. I won’t be able to see the bag as it’ll only be delivered via shipping now. I am concerned about things like mould, musty storage smell, and the sticker appears to be missing from the front knob.
  10. They’re the same, gris étain and étain, leathers from year to year will have slight variations in uptake of color. That’s why the pic here is slightly off between the two bags.
    As for gris asphalte, I love this color too. It’s my preferred grey in the summer, but my étain B is my favorite year round bag. They are quite different, one is warmer, the other cool toned.
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  11. I have B25 Gris Asphalt and love it. I find this color very practical and with more use then Etain as I wear it all the seasons - it’s light enough for summer and pastel colors and dark enough for winter and grayish clothing.Good luck deciding! :flowers:
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  12. Thank you so much for your reply! Yes it is a lovely shade of grey!
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