Gris de Perle? This is natural, right?

  1. I just need some help w/ this color. I am debating between natural and greige, but I'm trying to figure out the exact name of natural. Help! TIA.
  2. I think gris de perle is greige.
  3. natural is naturel
  4. If you are referring to's colors:

    GRIGE PERLE: greige
    GRIS de PERLE: naturel/natural

  5. I know that their color names are off quite often. Which one is naturel in real Balenciaga names and which one is greige?
  6. Ummmm....huh? (GRIGE PERLE) = Balenciaga (greige) (GRIS DE PERLE) = Balenciaga (naturel)

  7. Oh! and Balenciaga NY refers to Greige as CEMENT.
  8. In case you need a little translation
    in french "gris perle"=grey pearl(a light grey),like "ciment"(french word)=cement
    "perle"=pearl,is like ivory
    Don't know if the website uses the good words,but I
    hope this helps!;):flowers: