gris ciment. please vote! should i get it?

  1. hey guys! i love envelope clutches! i have one in black giant rose gold hardware. i manage to find a gris ciment mini giant in silver hardware. it look so beautiful and neutral! i was wondering if i should get it???

    i love giant 21 hardware but obviously its discontinued : ( but i find the gris ciment with mini giant silver really stunning! what r ur thoughts on it? get it or no!

    please help!! thanks guys!:p
  2. I love this colour combo. Gris Ciment is the most perfect grey for me. It's a very nice icy cool grey.
  3. I have this combination in a TT, they are great together. There's something ethereal about them, like elves would wear... would look awesome in a envelope clutch!
  4. I like the fact that it is a clean, crisp grey - not a dirty grey
  5. Get it! Ciment Silver is a stunning color/combo. Good luck!
  6. the only reason I did not get anything in this color is because it is so light, will likely to have color transfer from jeans and might be high maintenance in general.
  7. definitely get it! great color combo, plus you already love the EC style :yes:
  8. Photos please!! :useless:
    Sounds like a great combo...
  9. hey guys thanks for that! im not sure if im gna get it lol! thats cos i found a balenciaga ec in anthra giant gold hw. but would be similar to my current black rggh ec!

    and another is a vermillion giant gold hw from 2008!

    help! lol