Gris amande

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  1. Hello Ladies.
    Does anybody know which season Gris Amande is from?
    Has anybody bought it?
    Thank you.
  2. *EDIT* Oh - it looks like the equivalent color on the US Website is "Almond Gray" - so it's Spring/Summer 2014 =)

    Hmmm…I don't see it listed on the colors by season thread - and it looks like it is currently on Balenciaga's site but only in France.

    Based on the other colors you can get as an alternative I think it is a 2014 color.
    Here it is on Balenciaga's French Website:
  3. Yes, I know. This is where I first saw it. On Balenciaga website but I don't know if it is an older grey as the one for SS is Gris Pyrite.

    So it's of SS 2014? That is good news.

  4. You can get it on the Canadian Balenciaga website as well.
  5. It's on the US Balenciaga site as well; wonder if Bal has pulled one of it's stunts again (e.g., releasing a different color for the 2nd batch .. remember Orange Brulee and Parme???)

  6. I wish I knew which one will be better, Gris Amande or Gris Pyrite. We have GP here so I am visiting the Boutique on Saturday. I am crazy CeeJay. I don't know what I want. I want a Green bag and a Yellow bag and now a Gray bag ... The old Bal addiction is back to eat me up!
  7. =D Have fun making your decision!

    Yeah - the only reason I was able to figure out it was "Almond Gray" was because I compared the stock images between the US website and the only one that populated when I searched "Gris Amande"

    But Bal's websites confuse me anyway :heart: Let us know what you choose!
  8. The Gris Amande is likely to be a light bag (and the pictures on the Bal website seem to show that). The Gris Pyrite is pretty; a medium gray (not a dark gray).

    Personally, I love the Jaune Poisson .. but then again, I had the original Anis which I should have NEVER sold!
  9. If we ever get it here, the Jaune Poisson, I may have a chance to see it. But we get so small variety of colors or models I doubt. I will go there this Saturday to see what they have. I will get back to you.
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