grieving....anyone else ever wait too long??

  1. just went back to look at a bag i've been drooling over for a week, deciding if i could splurge on it.....and now it's gone. ugh, i HATE that. i'm soooo sad right now....


    i did send an email to the seller, letting them know if it didn't go through for any reason, i'd take it.....but i'm really bummed :sad:
  2. Yes, LOL, it's happened to me more times than I can count.

    Now I know to buy now and sell on eBay later :roflmfao: Only if I don't like it of course!

    If it's on sale it will go!
  3. I know that feeling! totally sucks when I miss out on something I should have gotten. Oh well... it just wasn't meant to be! And more money saved.
  4. Sorry Shopping!

    I just waited on one bag and was sure it was gone by now, but went looking & found it under a pile of other watches on eBay. Turns out it hadn't ended - I figured out I had the money a little while ago and snatched it tonight before I would become a griever, too.

    But um ---- I REALLY am sorry, because I have this gut feeling the bag I won is your lost bag. I won the same time you seem to have lost.

    Mousse Paddy 07?

    I'll definitely be paying though. I don't think I'll ever sell either, but I'll just PM you if I ever do!

    OR just let me know I'm crazy and you lost some other bag! Heh. Heh. :push:

  5. ella, no was NOT the mousse paddy :smile: but congrats on your win...that's awesome!

    i know everyone's right - if i can't have it, it's not meant to be. still sucks, was definitely a "one of a kind" opportunity.:sad: i was just being dumb, and now i'm paying for it.

  6. awwwwwwwwwww. Well now I don't feel bad but that doesn't help YOU.
  7. aw thats sad but I always believe "whats for you won't go past you"

    This bag was not the one for you and soon THE one will appear!

    Good luck
  8. I think it happens to everyone who loves bags, shoes, etc. I always dither over decisions and am trying to be more rational about my purchases. Maybe that's an oxymoron--rational and passion for purses LOL!
  9. That has happened to me too! But I know that soon enough there will be another bag I'm in love with!!
  10. You will find the bag maybe even at a better price, everything happens for the best. I sold a bag & grieved after it for months then the buyer sold it back to me hardly used:yahoo:
  11. ugh. Happened to me just last night.:crybaby:I decided to buy the item (bin), then thought I should stop rushing into purchases and wait it out over night. I switched out the laundry, decided to go ahead and get it now anyway, and it was GONE! :crybaby: I was mad and sad! Had trouble getting to sleep and everything. I had to tell myself that it was just a material item and to 'get over myself'...but...:crybaby:
    I'm better today though. :smile:
  12. That's happened to me so many times. Then I obsess about it for days trying to find it.
  13. This just happened to me. I was watching a bag on eBay and I got busy and forgot about it. By the time I remembered, the auction was over, but no one had bought it. I figured it was for the best, but then I kept thinking about it and thinking about it, and finally e-mailed the seller to see if they would re-list. They did and I was able to Buy It Now.

    Have heart- an even better bag will pop up just for you!
  14. YES...I can totally relate. It has even happened to me here on the MP...I think about a bag for a couple of days, then POOF! it's gone.....WAAAAAH....

    I hate that!

  15. What bags are you people yearning for that are gone so quickly?