1. Is it true the Griet is a LE? I sure wouldnt wanna miss it but i've spent way too much this month. 2 MOCA Neverfull, Rond, Agenda, 2 Balenciaga .:sad:
  2. It is indeed LE. but unless you love it why purchase it? There are so many LE bags that come out you can make yourself bankrupt trying to get them all.
  3. I was wondering the same thing! I really like the multicolor!
  4. yep, it's seasonal. And apparently the MC ones are next to impossible to find.
  5. Which one?

    The MIRAGE Griet is LE, but all others (damier, mono, MC) are NOT.
  6. My SA told me that it is a one shot kind of thing... once they are gone they are gone!
  7. From what my SA told me, the Damier, Mono, and MC Griet are seasonal items, although there will be fewer MC Griets. The only LE is the Mirage Griet.
  8. MC Griet is soooooooooooo pretty! Anybody buy one yet????
  9. I have to agree the Mirage Griet has to be IMO one of the most gorgeous bags ever!
  10. I like the griet too and they are all on elux now:yes:

  11. Mirage & MC are limited
    Mono & Damier are seasonal/one shot