Griet Sighting!

  1. At work today I spotted a mono Griet! I already loved it from the pictures on tPF but now I LOOOVE:heart::heart: IT!!:drool:

    It's too bad I promised my BF to be on a bag ban after my Cabby! :crybaby::hysteric:THe worst part is it's not going to be a perm. bag!!
  2. No pics?!!?!? :sad:

    I think the MC Griet is SOOOO gorgeous!!! :drool:
  3. :nogood:
  4. No pics! I couldn't snap a pic of a perfect stranger!

    " *aheM* excuse me - would you mind if I took a picture of your purse?" :p
  5. I LOVE the Griet! I ordered one in Damier on Monday and it's coming TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooo excited!
  6. Yay!! I'm glad you decided to get it Kima. Let me know how you like her!!
  7. yay kimalee!! i can't wait to see it!!
  8. Oh Really!! Take tons of pics for us pls.. Its not in SIngapore yet.. :sad: