Griet Question

  1. I recently got the Griet Damier, which I love!! I am a little bummed because it seems like it will be a little awkward to use. It feels like the handles should be a little longer. I was wonder what others think.

  2. When I first saw this bag I noticed that too, but if you really don't fill it to the brim, it fits on the shoulder quite comfortably. I think it's a great bag with a great shape and the lining and comparments are to die for. Hopefully you'll keep it but if you don't really LVoe it, get one that you do.
  3. I got the same bag last week and I feel the same way! I love it and I think it's gorgeous, but it's a little weird to carry...maybe it's something you have to get used to??? I've even considered returning it because I'm not sure I can get used to it, but it's just so pretty that I'm having a hard time giving it up!
  4. I have not actually even used it yet because I am thinking of returning it too. I am so torn because it is so beautiful but if I am not going to use it what is the point! AHHHH!!
  5. If you're honestly not going to use it, then there is no point!
  6. have you tried just walking around the house with it? it gets better once you get a little used to it lol!
  7. Good idea, I will try that. Do you use yours every day? I am trying to justify to DH getting the Speedy 30 for everyday use, I am dying to order it!!
  8. No, I don't. Most days it feels too dressy (I live in jeans and tshirts!) and it just feels kinda funny when I'm not a little dressed up, kwim? Plus, it's a bit heavy. I took it shopping the other day for about an hour and I was dying after a while! And I don't stuff my bags! But I'm a bit worried because I noticed that part of the lining has weird lines across it...almost like somebody took a razor blade and swiped it! I don't know what to do!
  9. I tried the bag on in the store and I did not find it comfortable to carry. It is very beautfiful to look at though. I would think about it carefully. If you are going to us it than keep it becuase it is gorgeous. If it is just going to sit in your closet because it is a pain to use (like my Coach Miranda), than return it. The Trevi would be a good choice. (DH are you listening?)
  10. yep I agree...sorry I'm posting so much! but I went back and forth for about a week. Sometimes it is a bit of a burden to carry, but at the end of the day, it's so pretty that I put up with it lol! but if you aren't going to use it then by all means I think you should exchange it for something you'll love AND use! good luck! keep us updated!
  11. I am leaning towards returning it but then what to get instead? Any suggestions for a fabulous everyday bag?
  12. Sorry I am totally draging this decision out!! OK, I just walked around the house with it and it is so fabulous but I think it looks awkward on my shoulder and too big to just carry. What a bummer!! Now what to get instead.......
  13. ^well the Speedy 30 is an awesome everyday bag!
  14. well the original design was for the LE exotic Mirage Griet which, from my eyes, looks more like a handheld bag because it seems like it has shorter handles, and because of how they were worn by models (ie handheld, not shoulder)
    Then came along the seasonal Griets which appear to have slightly longer handles because I think LV wanted to put the word "practicality" along with them. Thus, the Griets are NOT meant to be shoulder bags imo.

    If you find it uncomfortable, you should go back to exchange for another bag.
  15. If you find it uncomfortable on the shoulders and do not want to use it as a handheld or by the crook of your arms, then return and exchange it for something else, something you would love and use. I considered that bag too but when I saw the MC and the mirage in real life and tried it on, it felt awkward, so I know what you're feeling. Good luck and let us know which you decide on replacing it with.