Griet in Damier, Multicolore & Classic Monogram

  1. I was in LV today and my SA showed me a PDF file of upcoming lines. I was super excited to see the Griet in other materials but she was not sure of their release date. Something to look forward to.
  2. Why can I NOT picture the damn thing! LOL :sad:
  3. YES I've been talking about this FOREVER on one in the USA had an idea of it the mono and damier are seasonal the MC VERY VERY LIMITED

    it's 800 Euros for mono & damir and 1000 Euros for MC

    It's called Sac a Main at the minute but this just means handbag it still needs a name
  4. OMG! Griet in other canvases??? :nuts: OH MY MC Griet would be SUPER HOT.

    Did you happen to see anything to do with prices? I wonder if the Damier one will be more expensive than the Mirage...probably not eh?

    Let's see...Speedy 30 mono is $700, Mirage is $1900. Ratio 1:2.71, So if the Mirage Griet is $3800 (or whatever) then maybe the regular Damier version will be $1400...:nuts: hahaha...

    Edit: Just saw the two posts posted while I was typing my THAT's the Sac A Main...800 Euros isn't bad at all! *Gasp* I may *have* to buy one in white MC...okay, I will ask LV tomorrow if they've heard of anything.
  5. ooh, i'd totally go for this bag in damier.
  6. 800 euros is like $1200 give or take a few

    i think i can picture it now lol

    hmm if its super limited in the MC, perhaps its like the Theda and Leonor and how they were limited?
  7. LVuitton, wow, The griet in other colosr!!:wtf:
    I can't wait to see them. I have not heard anyhting...
    I look foward to seeing it, thankx for the news
  8. OMG! i want ALL of them lol!!! the griet in damier sounds like it could be a gorgeous bag. oooh time for photoshopping?
  9. That's exciting news!!
  10. yay ... definitely something to look forward to ... yet again!
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm excited already. :nuts:
  12. This is not good news at all for me.... I can't afford anything else for a while.... Ok, maybe just ONE more bag, LOL!
  13. oh cool!
  14. They all sound yummy! Thanks for posting as I'm usually LATE in finding things out. Something else to look forward to...can't wait to see them!
  15. AHA!!!! The elusive Sac A Main MC bag that no one around the US knew about has finally been found! OMG --- I gotta call my SA tomorrow! Imagine the Griet in noir MC --- wowza! Dang, I too want it all! LOL

    Yes, caley and karman --- time for your photoshopping skills for those of us who are hungry for pics!