Griege Shopper BIN 895

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  1. I purchased my BLack Shopping through her and it is a fantastic bag! I use mine for work and shopping as it fits nicely over the shoulder. Holds a ton!

    This is a GREAT price!
  2. I love griege and I love the price, but that size is just too big for me. I work from home, not an office, so I don't have to tote a lot around -- I think a City is even to big for what I would normally put in it!
  3. This is a beautiful bag. OMG!!! I'm so tempted, and she's such a great seller.

    DARN DARN DARN!!!!:sad:
  4. I LOVE the shopping tote and want one soooo bad, but not the greige...she had black and brown ones a while back and I didnt buy them and I've been kicking myself ever since. Erica the seller is a total sweetheart too. I bought an Ink First from her and it was one of the nicest bags I ever bought on ebay.
  5. She's also got two gorgeous pony hair shoulders up right now... so tempting.
  6. Yes~ the seller is the sweetest~ couldn't agree more!!! Always drool over her bags! LOL This greige looks to have the thickest most buttery leather too! I think I need a shopper style! Are they still making them or are they discontinued?
  7. They're still making them because I'm on the waitlist at Balny for a Marine one.
  8. ^^^Donna~ Do you have a Shopper already or will this be your first one?