Griege City -- Pics

  1. I've attached a couple of pictures of my new Griege City! I haven't decided whether I'm keeping it yet (most recent colors under consideration, which seem to be subject to hourly revision, are black, grenat and blue grey...or, of course, greige!). Several of you asked me post pictures before I returned it though, just to be able to see more of the Pre-Fall here goes!

    OK, so do I keep it, or exchange for one of the other colors I mentioned? I wear lots of black and neutral colors (and shades of brown) so I'm wondering whether grenat or black might be a good choice. I'm really just making myself crazy and may just have to get two bags!
    DSCN0174.JPG DSCN0175.JPG
  2. In my opinion, this color really isn't as fantastic as so many of the other Balenciaga colors. If I were you, oh please let me live vicariously through you :smile: , I would pick the Grenat.
  3. welp, i think you should go for the black or the grenat city instead's a bad sign if you're still not lovin' it...just make sure you bring it back to the nyc store within the 10-day period!!!
  4. The greige is pretty, but I also say get a Grenat(I know I am biased as I am currently very much in love with mine), but it's a really versatile color and it's soooo gorgeous! I think it will look fabulous in the city style! :yes:
  5. This is not my favorite color for fall, so far. It is quite neutral, however, and you'd probably be able to use it quite a bit!
  6. I think it's really personal preference, if you already have a doubt about the color, you should exchange it until you got the color that you really really love. I personally don't like greige, it's too flat for fall color.. If you like to wear lots of neutral color.. I think grenat will be great. If you like to wear lots of denim, blue grey will be an excellent choice..
  7. I am not loving it. Bal has so many interesting/vibrant etc colors.
  8. tkingny, since you wear alot of blacks and browns, i think grenat is the best choice of the ones you listed. i mean, greige will go with browns, but not as well as grenat. grenat will add a little spice to your neutral-colored wardrobe.:love: personally for me, the greige is just nice, but it just doesn't make me hoot and holler. grenat on the other hand...:yahoo:
  9. I was at Saks today and saw the Greige. I did not care for it in the swatches that were posted, fell in love with it when l_b posted hers (almost a creamy beigy colour, I was thinking how beautiful it would be with all shades of greens and browns), but when I saw it IRL, I'd have to say the best way to describe it would be a "dove grey" My lovely SA found someone wearing a chocolate brown jacket and asked her to pose with it, and it looked awful with the chocolate brown. I think the only colours it would really go with would be blacks, white, any shade of blue, sage-y greens. If this is your wardrobe pallette, then go for it, but otherwise, I'd return it. From the way you have described your wardrobe, the Grenat would be very complimentary (but I must say that I don't really think black is a great colour in Balenciagas)

    1K is way, way too much money to spend on an item that will go unused IMHO, get what you love! : )

    I wish you well,

  10. I might be in the minority but I'm loving the griege. I'm still regretting not buying a taupe city (s/s05) and the pics of the griege look so much like taupe :love: . It's def on my must buy list. Just have to decide which size.

    I usually gravitate towards much bolder colors but there's just something about the color I love.
  11. If you dont LOVE it, return it. But I like greige. A LOT. but its up to you. no point in keeping it if you dont love it, even if the color is awesome.
  12. Ditto!:biggrin::flowers:
  13. The color is not as bright as I would get, but the leather looks amazing!!!

    Since you wear neutrals, you might want to get another, accent color that "pops" against your clothes. It's up to you, though...
  14. Decision made (at least the decision to return the griege)! She's going back to BalNY tomorrow. I called and asked about the Grenat/Oxblood today and they still don't have them in yet. grrrr... It's such a schlep over to their store in Chelsea (can someone explain that location to me, please???). I think I agree with you all -- grenat should be good with most neutrals and add just a bit of pop. Thanks!
  15. lol, you're right about BALNY being out of the way :yes: ...but the west-side is the new gold coast of nyc...and they opened up that location just as it was coming, prices in that hood have gone way up & they're surrounded by art galleries & stuff, which is pretty cool :cool: ...i may be reading too much into this, but i think it shows they're leaders of the pack & are confident enough to strike out on their own & have people come to them :flowers: