Grief over Oprah Situation

  1. I have noticed that when I carry my Hermes bags and people realize the name, they give me serious grief over the Oprah situation. "How can you buy their bags after what they did to Oprah? They're so racist. You should be ashamed for giving them your money." Quite frankly it is distressing to me, to say the least. :sad: I just want to enjoy my bags and now have to worry about making political statements.

    Anyway, just wanted to vent about that. :yucky:
  2. Good Lord, that was AGES ago! And Oprah received an official excuse! Plus it was never really clear what really had happened, there are conflicting versions on the story.

    Sometimes not living in the US does really have its' benefits.....
  3. people really say that to you? they need to get a life!
  4. oh jeez! are you serious?! I am sorry you had to go through that!
    gosh first we have to get lectures about there are starving people in 3rd world it's about Oprah......:rant:
  5. Wish we really knew the TRUE story behind that fiasco...

    Anyway, it is old news and just shrug your shoulders sweetie. Enjoy your bag.
  6. Oh this is ridiculous! Those people need to mind their own business and get a life!
  7. My understanding of the Oprah controversy was that she was essentially wanting special treatment, i.e. for the store to stay open after hours so she could shop. It wasn't like they turned her away during regular business hours--they weren't open! There were some folks in the store cleaning up but they were closed for the day. I don't think it was a rascist thing at all. And in France, they probably wouldn't recognize Oprah as a celeb who would go in there and spend a lot, they probably just thought she was a normal customer.
  8. Oh gosh that's not right.

    Don't worry there is nothing wrong with you.
    We all know how ppl feel about the Oprah incident here, but what I don't understand is WHO are they calling racist? The store manager? the CEO? the SA? well yes some people are racist, just like some people aren't.

    but HERMES is the name of a brand, and although it represents the owners, family, etc.. no one can claim that Hermes is racist company. Do only white people get to buy their bags? Do they only hire white staff members? Bags don't choose their owners depending on their race, "Oh I'm a black Birkin I wanna go home with a white rich mama."

    If people think you are giving your money to Hermes who pays racist employees, then they shouldn't buy anything at the supermarket.. who knows those Virginia farmers selling those delicious organic apples are racists! (What do they know?!?!?!)

    Cheer up!!!!
  9. amen to all the previous posts. trust me, if the hermes SAs were racist, i wouldn't be giving them my business. vent away and wear your bags with pride. they're probably all just jealous because you own the bags, not them!
  10. Ask 'em "Do you like sex and travelling? Yes? Good, f- off!"

    People who let talk show hostesses be a deciding factor on who they spend their money seriously need their heads checked.

    Besides, if Hermes were so racist, they wouldn't be opening up or facilitating business for the richer segments, which are comprised of many non-WASPy types.

    It annoys me :censor:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I heard that lots of people wrote to Oprah after the incident asking her if it's okay with her if they continue to buy from Hermes?:wtf: I can't believe ppl are asking Oprah for permission to buy Hermes!

    What does W.A.S.P. stand for?
  13. What exacly happened w/ the Oprah thing?

    She tried to get in the store after they were closed and they told her no. Is that all?
  14. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

  15. When people call another person a W.A.S.P., it's good right? I saw someone on my school's dating network describing himself as the last remaining male W.A.S.P. so I'm really curious ...