"Grey's" Star Checked In to UCLA Psych Ward

  1. "Grey's" Star Checked In to UCLA Psych Ward

    Posted Jan 31st 2008 6:51PM by TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]TMZ has learned actor Justin Chambers, Dr. Alex Karev on "Grey's Anatomy," checked himself in to the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center this week. Yes, it's the same place ...

    Chambers' rep confirmed to TMZ that star checked in on Monday and checked out yesterday.

    The rep claims Chambers, a married father of five, was "exhausted and suffers from a sleeping disorder. He went in voluntarily to get some help."

    Chambers was in the same ward where Britney is being treated.
  2. how random is that
  3. ^^^Seriously! It said he was treated for a sleeping disorder, maybe Heath Ledger's death (because he also suffered from sleeping problems) made him nervous. I don't know, just a guess.
  4. Ugh, the name of the thread should be changed. I HATE TMZ. The guy has a sleeping disorder and already checked out. Big deal!
  5. Wow! I hope he feels better with his sleeping disorder. It is good that he checked out. A side note: I didn't know he was married, let alone had 5 kids. I think he is so cute...I love him playing Dr. Kerav. Also, coming to find out...he is 37. I thought he was in his 20s. He looks so good though!
  6. I know I saw the video and K. heigl looks so concerened anyway she's wearing that outfit again that I love + her pink sunnies! I guess with a 5 kids he probably needs sleep.
  7. I don't know.......if I had five kids I might be exhausted and have sleep problems too.............
  8. Wow, 5 kids! I can't see him having kids at ALL because of his character on Grey's. :p
  9. I hope every thing's okay!!
  10. It amazes me how many celebrities have mental issues. How sad to be so creative, but so overwhelmed.
  11. I was thinking the same thing but WOW, 5 kids? I'd like to have some sleep too.
  12. Im so shocked
  13. wow, poor justin. not being able to sleep is utter hell. especially when you have to be functional. and a guy like him, with a big family and a career, really does. i hope he gets better soon.
  14. he has a really cute family.

    this was one of his ck ads, with one of his daughters
    him with his twins
    wife&kids, i think the fifth one is just a baby
    wife & oldest daughter

    i think his wife was his modeling agent or something like that. i LOVE his CK and armani ads:shame:
  15. I hope he gets things right and comes out OK.