grey's anatomy....

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  1. was it just me or did i just spot a kelly bag in the season premiere of grey's??? im obssessed with the show and its even better spotting hermes but i just want to make sure i wasnt halucinating since ive been on pf for hours waiting for the show to start... haha

    i believe it was sitting nicely on the chair when the chief dr's wife came in to talk to him...

    if it isnt...does anyone else like the show??
  2. am currently watching it right now, i missed the chief's wife's bag!!!
  3. IT WAS A BIRKIN!!!!!
    i saw it too.
  4. oh my gosh it was a birkin???oooo its confusing cuz it was just sitting there...i recorded it for the dh so i guess i will double ck again tonight. its even better that its a birkin so i can show him that its in his fav show! :yes:
  5. what??? i totally missed it!
  6. Oh wow, something for us gals in Australia to look forward to in the coming weeks! We're still a little off the finale so pls don't spill on anything that could be spoilers... Thanks for letting us know about the bag tho! I will remember this and record the finale when it finally screens here!

    ETA: Oh wait, I just re-read the original post and saw that it's the season's premiere! Lol! That, we're definitely a way off! I reckon we prolly won't get to see that until next yr..:crybaby:We're so slow here in Aussieland!
  7. oh my eyes were on it baby. 100% a birkin.
  8. Very good eyes!!!
  9. it's in the premiere.
  10. lol, i have 20/20 hermes vision.
  11. Yeah I know.. I just edited my post. I read it fast and got too excited, lol!:graucho:
  12. I am watching the show with my DH right now. let just say it's not fun watching it with a DH surgeon. He always corrects everything they are doing.

    Hummm maybe I can convince him that all the dr's wifes has one(according to the show) so I need one.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. so i texted dh that i saw a birkin in greys. and he texts me back...

    y don't you post it???

    i said, yup i already did but i thought it was a kelly and they said birkin..

    and he says..its ok, rookie mistake

    hahaha hes so cute! i love him.
  14. hehehe. That's adorable!:roflmfao:
  15. DH and i have been flipping b/n grey's and csi. i missed it!

    what color birkin?