Grey's Anatomy

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  1. Thanks to Tivo and the game running over....hubby and I missed the last half of Grey's Anatomy tonight. ACKKKKKKK! :evil: :evil:

    Spoiler space

    We got up to the part where Addison and Izzie were coming down the elevator, and Addison said "Code black" was very bad.

    What happened after that?
    Thank you. :::sniff::::cry:
  2. The important things to know is that Bailey still didn't have the baby, Christina Ricci's character took her hand out of the patients' wound but it was replaced by Dr Grey's hand, and Alex and Izzie screwed in the supply room (hot). Continued next week!

    Also that bomb squad guy was extremely distracting.

    I recommend for great recaps of most shows.
  3. I'm not quite sure where that left you in the episode. But I'll give a short synopsis. I missed a few things, so hopefully I didn't miss anything TOO huge....

    The patient that came in with Christina Ricci as the paramedic turned out to have a bomb inside him. And Christina Ricci had her hand on the bomb inside the guy. Apparently he and his buddy were big WWII buffs and they decided to make a replica of a bazooka. Well, the buddy got shot and the bomb thingy didn't go through his body and hadn't yet gone off. So it was still in his body.

    So once they figure this guy has a bomb in him, they're going to clear out the hospital. Dr. McDreamy was operating on Bailey's husband, but refused to leave--even though they were doing an evacuation of the hospital. He kept working on Dr. Bailey's hubby. Bailey has no idea that her hubby is on the OR table. She's just trying to have her baby without meds.

    I think Izzy freaks out about dying or the evacuation or something. So she hooks up with what's his face--I can't remember this name. The guy she dated that cheated on her--the one who failed his boards the first time.

    Burke stays with Christina Ricci (CR) and an anesthesiologist to keep the guy alive while they wait for the bomb squad. Well, at some point, Burke leaves the room for some reason. The anesthesiologist has been using a manual method of keeping the guy breathing. He has Christina Ricci take over and he leaves her. Tells her he has kids or something equally as lame...

    So Meredith and Burke's gf--can't remember her name either! Anyways, they go into the OR to keep CR calm. Then the bomb squad looks at x-rays with Burke and they're trying to figure out a plan. CR freaks out and threatens to take her hand out of the body. Meredith holds onto her hand to keep her from running. Well, CR yanks her hand out, everyone ducks, she runs out of the OR. When everyone gets up, it turns out Meredith's hand is now in the guy's body and on the bomb. Then the episode ends...
  4. Thank you, Jane and Wickedassin!!!!!

    You saved me!!! Whew. :biggrin:
  5. Thank you...I checked on there a bit ago, but it hadn't been updated for this week yet. I'm impatient! :lol:
  6. I LOVE this forum. I went online because I was furious that my digital recorder didn't get the whole show, and i needed to know what happened. Ofcourse I got sidetracked on the purse forum, then i found this! Perfect, thanks for the update on the show!
  7. I raced home from my bf's house , I broke the speed limits just to get homein time for Grey's anatomy. My bf was keeping me updated, he called me at 10:10 and was like it didn't start yet. I got home a couple of minutes before it started. WHAT A RELIEF!
  8. god that episode was so effing GOOD!! everything last night was so screwed up thanks to football as far as time slots went. haha.

    i can't wait for next week!!!! eeeeee!!

    i love how that lady couldn't stop screaming in the beginning. i was cracking up when alex finally screamed in her face.

    and omg i totally didn't know that Hannah was Chrisitna Ricci!! TOTALLY threw me off! she's thinned out a lot.. geeze!
  9. It started here around 7:30ish PST....wayyyy earlier than the 10 that it usually starts at. I was a little miffed to say the least. :evil:

    I adore that show...and to miss even 1 minute of it totally bummed me out!!
  10. Oh my gosh...that happened to me as well! Thanks for the update!
  11. No problem! Glad I was able to help. Sorry I could remember all the characters' names!
  12. Last Sunday nights episode that a lot of people missed or only got to see the first half, is being shown again tonight, 9:30 PST.

    Sorry such late notice, but I just found out myself. :suspiciou
  13. Thanks for the head's up! I missed the first 30 minutes, so it'll be good to see the beginning!
  14. Does anyone watch???

    If so do you know who sings the song they were playing on the last episode , when Merridth toke her hand off the bomb and walked out of the room ????
  15. Sorry, I can not remember what the song was but was that not and "OH MY GOD" episode?? Loved it!