Grey's Anatomy- with Spoilers!!

  1. The first episode was PERFECT!!! I loved it!! Finally its back, now we just have to wait til next week:shame:
  2. was it only me? i found the episode to be short.. or maybe im just used to watching the dvd episodes..

    anyhoo, i loved it too! derek oh derek.. :love:
  3. it was a little long actually.. by 2 minutes.

    kinda wished it was a 2 hour premiere though.. but it's ok. :smile: still excellent premiere episode. :smile:
  4. ^^ I seemed so short, but I guess it has to do with the fact that a few of us have been marathoning the second season. I really did not want it to end.

    Great start to the season!
  5. great start to the season ......

    how dear mcdreamy ...tell gray , she has a decision to make ,when he him self is still married .......cant wait to see how this pans out

    Christine i think is going to be lil more emotional this season ... i see she is letting her guard down some
  6. I thought it was a great episode too. I love this show.
  7. I adore this show.......I thought the premiere was great as always..BUT I have a feeling theres gonna be a whole lotta drama with Mc Dreamy before those 2 get together again..LOL
  8. I just sat there crying - too much angst for me to handle in one hour!
  9. Please tell me who did she leave with! They are not showng season3 yet in Cyprus!!!!!!!!
  10. ^^ it was still left up in the air. i don't know if i should say anymore and "spoil" it for everyone else!

    but i was great!! i'm so looking fwd to next week. i wish it was 2 hrs too but i liked how they showed the season finale 1st (and wednesday nite!) i watched it both times.. lol
  11. pm me please:love: :love:
  12. :roflmfao: :lol:

    ...what a wonderful season premiere episode!
  13. I am so glad I saw it.. hated it when bf kept flipping through the channel.. i was screaming last night.. lol
  14. McDreamy is just a big YUMMY!! :love:
  15. i heard mcsteamy will be back next week.. :drool: