Grey's Anatomy- with Spoilers!!

  1. I absolutely love love love this show!! Anyone else?? McDreamy is just... awwwww soooo dreamy :cutesy:

    Are you fans of McDreamy being with Meredith?
  2. McDreamy is such a hottie! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I can't wait for season 3!

    edit: I'm a fan of Meredith and McDreamy. But after a few episodes, I really like Addy too. I hope they don't write her off.
  3. I can't decide - I really like the vet guy (he's Mc...what?). But the chemistry is better between Meredith and McDreamy.

    McSteamy is really the HOT one, though! He went immediately to my Top 5 after that episode. I hope they bring him back!
  4. I love love Grey's .............I am a fan of Mcdreamy and meredith...But i do like her with the vet. Mcdreamy has put her through so much emotional though ... so i am on the fence. I canr wait

    What do u think about them moving to thursdays ???
  5. I love Grey's Anatomy!

    I have a hard time cheering on the Meredith/McDreamy romance though because he's married.

    I'm just old-fashioned that way. :shame:

    I love Sandra Oh.

    And I've been able to expand my vocabulary...'va-jay-jay'. :roflmfao:
  6. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVE SHOW!!!!
    OMG...I would so wanna see Meredith hook up with Mcdreamy..again....permanently!!LOL..The last episode was HOT!
  7. LOVE this show!:wlae:

    Did I just see a commercial saying they're playing all the episodes starting w/ number 1 soon?
  8. im SUPER addicted to this show. never miss it when its on! does anyone know when in the fall it starts again!i have nothing to watch on sundays! :sad:

    megs- i LOVE them together. they're kind of toxic for each other but they have this obsession with each other. mmm hes SO dreamy :heart:
  9. i'm in love with mcdreamy!!! i don't think ga could get any better. love it and can't wait for season 3
  10. I love the show, but I hate Meredith, specifically the voiceovers in the beginning and the end. I love love love Cristina, though. I hope she and Burke stay together. Also, I want to find out more about the steamy affair between the Chief and Meredith's mom.
  11. I am addicted to the show! I didn't start watching until season if anyone has any info about them replaying it from the beginning I'd love to know!
    As for Meredith.....she kind of annoys emotional and whiny! BUT nonetheless I love the show!
  12. Love the show- Love McDreamy(that name cracks me up) and soooo want to see him with Meredith

    SwankyMama-they are re-airing all episodes starting with 1st one (beginning this Sunday @ 9pm EST) and adding a Thursday evening airing as well.:supacool:
  13. Love this show too, however i DO NOT want to see her and Mcdreamy together. I like the vet better. My fav couple would have to be Christina and burke. they are soooo cute together...
  14. They will be airing it all??!?! That just made my day!! I missed some of the first episodes from season 2 :sad:

    I own season 1 on DVD :party:
  15. Hey Megs-I do believe that you are in luck. The entire 1st and 2nd seasons are suppsoed to re-air in prep for season premiere in the fall.
    FYI-sesaon 2 dvd won't be out until September.