grey's anatomy - what was that bag izzie was carrying??

  1. if anyone's seen the episode tonight, izzie was carrying a gorgeous, caramel-colored tote that went over her shoulder, but also had separate tote handles. any idea who makes it??

    i don't have a pic, unfortunately...the new episode isn't on the abc website yet. anyone else happen to have one??
  2. Don't see a label on the bag. Izzie is dirt poor (hasn't deposit the check) with tons of medical school loans, I don't think they are going to give her a name bag. You can check again, dl the episode by bt, its already on mininova & torrentspy.
  3. haven't seen it yet but dirt poor she isn't, remember dr. model?

  4. ^ I agree...just last week, she told Denny's father that she did not have any debt at all since he was suggesting that she was after his money.

    Either way, there was another post about the bag and someone thinks that it's a Balenciaga, but I don't think it is. I couldn't tell if there was any studding at all, but if there was, maybe it's a Be & D.
  5. doesn't Be & D stick more to the hobo/slouchy styles? this one was pretty structured, though not completely so. i didn't see any studs....hmm, could be balenciaga, esp. since i'm not as familiar with those.

    thanks for the input so far...anyone else have any ideas? i'm still trying to find a pic....
  6. Good Question- I totally loved the bag too!
  7. The bag she was carrying when she saw the Chief was an Edith I thinkd.
  8. Yeah, I was just re-watching the episode online and it DID look ALOT like an Edith
  9. That's so funny, I wondered the exact same thing lol. I actually rewound and played it over so I could see it better. At first I thought Balenciaga but the handles didn't seem right.
  10. OMG- I loved that bag too and was wondering the same thing...any luck, shoppingsmycard?
  11. no, but i did find a pic....

  12. Most of the shows/movies that have purses in them are not the real deal, they are remakes that are mucho cheaper to buy than the real thing.

    However, because they are remakes, the real thing is going to be so much prettier if you can find it.
  13. i thought it was an Edith too...but can an Edith be worn over the shoulder? pardon me, i haven't seen one IRL :shame:
  14. I remember seeing buckles in the bottom corners like a Balenciaga, so I don't think it was an Edith. But the pocket looked raised unlike a b-bag.... yes, perhaps a reproduction bag?
  15. I can't see the photo. Can anyone repost it? Now I am dying to see it. LOL