Grey's Anatomy vs The OC

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Which show will you watch Thursday nights at 9?

  1. Grey's Anatomy

  2. The OC

  3. CSI

  4. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. With Grey's new time slot this season, it will put it vying head to head with the OC on Thursday nights at 9. I know many of you were OC fans, and now many of the OC fans are huge Grey's fans... so what show will it be?? ;)
  2. Grey's!
    Megs we should do a poll!
  3. If I had to pick - Grey's! But we lucky ducks in Canada don't have to choose - Grey's shows at 8pm on the Canadian networks and if we miss that we can just switch to ABC at 9pm..
  4. Definitely Grey's
  5. Since I have never seen Grey's I will stay with the OC:flowers:
  6. Haven't been a big fan of the OC's but have been watching on and off since the hubby likes it. This season Grey's is being recorded in the living room Tivo together with CSI - since we both love those 2 shows and hubby had to move his OC to the 2nd Tivo in the bedroom. Grey's all the way!!!:yahoo:
  7. grey's...definitely grey's
  8. oh my goodness!! I did not realize that they were on at the same time. :lol: I will definitely be watching Grey's instead of the OC. I have a feeling this season of the OC isn't going to be that great anyways.
  9. GREY'S *handsdown*
  10. Grey's!
  11. Shoot totally forgot about the poll!!!
  12. The O.C. at least the first episode. Haha.
  13. Grey's!
  14. Grey's Anatomy never fails to attract my attention so I would def. go for it.
  15. i was a huge OC fan, but last season was major suckage, so i'm going with grey's, without a doubt. i've read reviews saying that this season of the OC is going to be a lot better, but if that's the case, i'll just catch it on dvd. grey's is my one and only right now!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.