Grey's Anatomy" Star Plans Wedding Winter Wonderland


Jul 12, 2006
Katherine Heigl, or my good buddy Izzy, as I like to call her when I'm fantasizing that I'm a character on one of the only shows I actually watch these days, "Grey's Anatomy," is in the midst of planning her wedding, which is inspired by the holiday season. Starpulse News Blog:
Singer Josh Kelley and his fiancée Katherine Heigl are planning a winter wonderland theme for their upcoming wedding. Kelley, 26, popped the question to the Grey's Anatomy star, 28, in June with a three-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. The singer approves of the winter theme, telling an American publication, "It was Katherine's first idea. Once she started talking about it and what it would look like, I was set."
Ah, a Christmas-themed wedding. The only problem with that will be her drunk uncles who will feel the need to challenge her brother-in-law to an arm-wresting competition, whilst pontificating on their stellar high school football careers. Oh wait. She's not me


♥ CL ♥
Aug 28, 2006
aww i hope they actually last! but the idea for the wedding theme sounds marvelous! i do remember her from roswell too! actually that other girl from roswell was also on the show 6 degrees. it's like theyre trying to get back at the game!