Grey's Anatomy: No more Dr. Burke

  1. Not sure if this was posted anywhere else but I just saw on E! that Dr. Burke aka Isaiah Washington will NOT be back next season.

    "Publicist Howard Bragman said that Washington got a call earlier in the day informing him that he was "not invited back to the show next season," prompting this Network-inspired statement from the 43-year-old actor"


    Even if Washington's behavior has been HORRIBLE off the set, I still liked him on the show as Dr. Burke. BOO
  2. This doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, I assumed he wouldn't be back when I watched the finale. I guess they wouldn't have let him know before filming it though.
    I am kind of bummed because I LOVED that character although I think he deserved it and knowing what he said, I didn't enjoy the show as much. He should have known better in this day and age.
  3. yep agreed. His behaviour was not acceptable.
  4. That's really sad. I will miss him on the show. I wonder if they will get another actor to replace him or get rid of his character all together. I will miss Dianne Caroll as Mama.

    Not that I condone bad behavior but you can call your impressional daughter a "little pig" and not get fired? Is there some sort of double standard going around?
  5. I think his character will only be "referred to" and no longer part of it.

    I think his behavior aside from saying what he said got him into the hot seat. They did a good job writing him out though in a believable manner. An abrupt Burke departure would have been a problem. I did like his character but the way last season ended did not surprise me.
  6. I really enjoyed watching his character, but after all those issues he had, with calling people names, starting fights, it was hard to see him the same way.
  7. We started discussing this in the Grey's thread. :yes:

    But like I said before, I was starting to really like Burke. I think he's made an effort to apologize...even his peers have said he has made a great effort. I'm sad that he's off the show.
  8. I hear he plans to sue the show. I am sure other out of line things have been said by actors. I think the creator of the show (Shonda Rhimes) was getting a lot of pressure to do something. I heard that some of his castmates did not like his attitude.
  9. I agree too. I mean the vibe on set must have been very uncomfortable and i'm sure people were urging her ( the creator, Shonda Rhimes ) to do something about Mr. Washington and she finally just decided to get rid of him.

    But I will say that when they won the Golden Globe, Washington should've kept his month shut and not bought up the subject again...I mean he could've let his castmates enjoy the moment and instead he had to bring it all back again...sheesh..the nerve! :cursing:

    here's what i'm talking about in case you guys are confused :
  10. i would miss his character too. he was great on the show but his action in real life was unacceptable. it must have been difficult to work with him anyway, knowing what he said to t.r. knight. wonder what it would be like next season.
  11. i gueseed this would happen what with everyone talking about the issue and the problems that occured becayse of it..

    i will defiantly miss his charecter though!!! i loved him and christina...

  12. I'll miss him, but what does he honest plan on showing the show about? :confused1:
  13. I am not surprised he's been kicked off the show.

    After his ridiculous comment about gay people I knew he wouldn't be back. His behavior is horrible.