Grey's Anatomy fans..

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  1. So I went to lunch with my girlfriends this past Monday in Silverlake, CA at this cute little place called the Alcove. We were having a nice, chatty but cold lunch session (outside patio) when low and behold George O'Maley and the red haired nurse walk in and I just stared! One girlfriend was brave enough to go inside for water and take a looksie. Few minutes later they walk out together super fast and down the street they went! :nuts:

    By the way, he is pretty short in real life.
  2. TK Knight! :smile: awesome. yeah he's short. a lot of the actors/actresses are pretty short IRL. ahem brad pitt is a lot shorter than he really looks. lol.
  3. ^ Really? Aww man, you ruined it for me J! JK
  4. woah!!! short or not, celebrity sightings are always interesting!!!

    that reminds me to watch the show tomorrow night =)
  5. Oh how exciting! I've never spotted any celebs up close. Bah!
  6. i always assumed he was around 5'8" or 5'9" because on the show, you can see that he's not much taller than Ellen Pompeo or Sandra Oh... sometimes it looks like he's a tad bit shorter than Katherine Heigl.
  7. That must have been exciting!! Here in New York people don't come up to actors or actresses, but I would definitely be looking!! I love Grey's Anatomy!!
  8. I love, love, love that show! I seriously plan my Thursday nights around watching it!